Monday, 24 August 2015

How to keep fit whilst travelling and on a budget

I know the feeling. You've been travelling for a few weeks and although it seems like you've walked for miles, it just doesn't cut it. You need a gym, you need weights, you need to get back into shape...

I have been in Sydney for five months now and honestly, I haven't felt so big in my entire life! I thought coming to Australia would make me lose weight. How wrong I was! I guess I have to accept the fact that my body doesn't agree to zero exercise. I can eat (oh my I can eat) and so the only way to shed those calories is if I work out. This isn't to say that I have a unhealthy diet, not at all. I eat small but often to keep up with my busy lifestyle. However, in order to maintain my toned physique, my body requires at least three intense workouts a week.

Luckily for me, I find it as easy to shed those extra inches as I do to put them on. For the last month I have been training hard at a local gym, but this isn't sustainable if you're not going to be in one place for longer than a couple of weeks (which you're most likely not when you're on the road). So I decided to come up with some tips for those of you, who like me are travelling and want to remain in shape, but wish to do it on the cheap (cus every traveller loves a good bargain).

DO - look out for local deals. If you know you're going to be in one place for longer than a couple of weeks then get yourself on to Groupon or do a quick search on the Internet. You'll be amazed at what you can find (even in the more expensive cities like Sydney)!

DO - make use of local parks, ovals and so forth. You'll be surprised at what you can do with a set of stairs, a bench and some grass... Time to put those gym exercises into practice in the glorious sunshine ladies!

DO - try and walk, jog or run as much as possible. I love walking but sometimes I will run to and fro places to increase the intensity from day to day. 

DO - watch what you're eating. It's easy to grab a takeaway whilst you're travelling for the sheer convenience. However, this is not good for your waistline. Cook your own food instead - it's much cheaper and will save you piling on those extra pounds. Some great snacks which I often eat on the go here in Australia include cornthins (similar to rice cakes but made with corn) topped with avocado and tuna, nuts (I prefer almonds, walnuts or Brazilian nuts but any nuts will suffice as long as they're unsalted/unflavoured), boiled eggs, dried fruits, muesli bars and just plain old chopped up fruit or veg. 

DO - get some other fitness fanatics involved. Motivation is a big factor in keeping fit. I prefer working out on my own but it's easier said than done when you're staying in a hostel and most of your roommates are passed out from the night before. That temptation to stay in bed increases just slightly...

DO - take photos of your progress. It's easy to forget how you used to look. 'Gap fat' is a thing I'm afraid!

DONT - give up after a week. Change doesn't happen over night. You have to make exercise part of your lifestyle, regardless of how different it is to the one back at home. Yes you're travelling and want to enjoy yourself but what harm is half an hour out of your hectic schedule going to do? You'll thank me once you return home and step on to those scales trust me...

DONT - set unrealistic goals. This is about keeping fit, not shedding pounds which would be impossible on the road I would imagine. You don't want to be worrying about what is going in your mouth every second of the day. Travelling is about embracing the experience. Just remember, it's okay to grab a quick Mcdonald's whilst on the go, just as it's okay to indulge in a few alcoholic beverages (if that's the type of experience you're going for). Just be aware when this becomes a regular thing.

I am now in my fifth week of training and I feel heaps better already. Just remember it's easy to lose what you already have after a few weeks off, but it's also very easy to gain back. That first workout is never going to be easy so why delay? 

I will soon be on the road and will somehow have to try and maintain what I already have. This will be my biggest challenge to date as I won't know where I will be in say, two months time. Maybe I won't have access to a park or certain healthy foods which I like to eat, but I'll give it my best shot! Keep your eyes peeled as I willl be updating you with my day to day fitness and healthy eating regime here on my blog and across my other social media platforms.

Are you a finess fanatic with a passion for travel? How do you manage your busy schedule whilst on the go?


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