Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shake It Up | The Truth Behind Protein Shakes

Now I know a lot of you young ladies out there may be shocked when you first set your eyes on this article (protein being the key word); I know I would have been up until about a year ago. However, protein, associated mainly with overly 'hench' males is becoming particularly popular with young ladies like myself who like to keep fit, but most importantly lift weights (yes ladies can lift weights too). I first started using protein shakes around a year ago due to my intense gym regime which took place three times a week during university. I often found myself getting very dizzy after this and becoming very lazy as a result. Once I sat down I felt like I was able to drift off! It got me thinking, this can’t be right, nobody should feel this exhausted after an hour’s workout. I wouldn't have minded if I was doing this every day but I wasn't. Therefore I did a bit of research as I often do and I have never looked back.

I knew protein generally was good for recovery purposes after a workout and prior to discovering protein shakes, I always always used to eat eggs after a workout. However eggs clearly weren’t enough, I needed that extra boost after a workout, so if I wanted to, I could go back and do it all over again the very next day. This is when I decided to put my money where my mouth was and invest in some good old protein shake (for women). Don’t get me wrong, I am no protein expert. I know my fair share on what nutrients are required to keep you fit and healthy but in terms of protein shakes, it was more of a trial and error.

The first protein shake I purchased was a PHD Diet Whey chocolate protein shake, especially designed for women. All I really knew was that it would help to repair my muscles after a workout and also to control my weight too. I think this is another thing that puts a lot of ladies off protein shakes, the extra calories. Yet let me assure you there aren’t as many calories as you think in one serving, especially if you are using water which I highly recommend (milk can give you stomach pains after a workout). In fact the overall ingredients in protein shakes aren't as scary as you may think. Along with protein designed to repair your muscles, there is green tea which helps to burn fat and heaps of vitamins and minerals to give you that extra boost. I must say I was pleasantly surprised after using this protein shake and I saw results instantly. Not only did I feel more energised, it complimented my meals very well and even acted as a little treat alongside my healthy eating regime (yes don’t let the taste put you off either).

Protein shakes come in many different flavours as well as forms. This time around I decided I would go for the same brand, PHD, but this time the strawberry flavour as I often get bored of eating/drinking the same thing week in week out. I haven’t tried it just yet but I will let you know how I get on when I do. I must also mention that this particular one is not diet protein shake; however it is said to be better than my previous one for maintaining your weight and toning. Again it is designed women and isn't packed full of calories even though it’s not diet protein. For me, I have learnt the importance of looking after your muscles when getting the very best out of your workout. 

So ladies, here’s to more protein shakes and many more workouts!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

2014 Wish List

Right, so as you may have already noticed, I am having lots and lots of great ideas for my blog just lately, but not enough time to actually sit down and put them together! However, this evening I have decided I would dedicate an hour or so of my time to focus on sharing with you my latest creation, my 2014 wish list, (this one has been a long time coming). Now let me just say that this wish list is not 100% realistic, some of the things on this list will be way out of my budget, but this is why it is called a wish list. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to own all these things on this list, or maybe not…

So firstly and most realistically, this year, actually no, sometime very very soon I will be purchasing my very own Mac lipstick. Mac is a brand every girl out there seems to love, including myself. The products are not only stunning; they are very high quality too. A Mac obsessed friend of mine introduced me to this lovely shade of lipstick and I instantly fell in love! If I'm truly honest, I used to be afraid of wearing lipstick due to the fear of smudging it all over my face, but now I have perfected the look so to speak, I am truly starting to see the benefits of a good lippy (or two). I have noticed a lot of girls going ‘all out’ lately with the darker shades of lipstick including dark reds, dark purples and even black. Heroine is the name of this shade of lipstick and what a lovely shade it is, perfect for adding a splash of colour to those dark winter nights. At £15 this is a beauty steal and one I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Secondly on my wish list is a designer watch, preferably Michael Kors, a brand I have always been fond of. Today it seems like everyone has a Michael Kors watch but I still can’t help but love them! I found this particular one on the official website and I really like it. The pink face adds a splash of colour to what could have been a rather plain looking watch. This comes in at just £180 which isn't too bad considering the designer tag. Big watches are very much in at the moment as mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, and Michael Kors certainly does a good job of making gold bling look classy as opposed to trashy! Their statement watches really add that final touch to any outfit, day or night.

Thirdly I would love a designer clutch. After a recent trip to Harrods in London and a few hours spent drooling over some of the very best looking handbags and clutches, I found this little beauty. At £1,345.00 obviously this is one thing on my list that may have to take a back seat, for the time being anyway. A skull obsessed bag lover, this clutch is to die for! I am a big fan of Alexandera Mcqueen and what a stunning work of art this is. Contemporary and stylish, this clutch will add that final sparkle to any evening. The pure leather material and Swarovski crystals certainly make this one of the more glamorous clutch bags on the market, and may even make up for that ridiculous price tag. I don’t usually do clutch bags due to the fact that I'm very clumsy and always end up leaving them lying around, however the knuckle duster on this one will allow you to keep a close grip on this little beauty all night long. 

I have seen a lot of pastel coloured coats hit the high street lately and I can’t help but love them. Not for the faint hearted, this baby blue pastel coat is available from ASOS, and what a little beauty it is! Great for adding a splash of colour to any dark winter outfit, this coat also allows you to make that transition into spring that little bit easier. A delicate looking coat, I really love the fluffy texture and cocoon shape, and think it would look great teamed with a pair of dark jeans and some black Chelsea boots, or even a cute little play-suit and a pair of black tights. At £85 I think this coat may be a little overpriced as it isn't something you could wear every day. However, I really do love the colour and think it would make a classic look year in year out. Patel colours are always in fashion, not necessarily around this time of year, but certainly in the spring and summer and therefore that £85 will probably end up being money well spent.

I have been longing for a pair of new trainers for a while now but in particular some new Nike ones. I have seen so many cool trainers pop up on my Instagram feed just lately, probably due to all the fitness groups I am following but I'm loving it! Who says you can’t look good at the gym? Okay a face full of make-up and a pair of see through leggings is certainly not the look you want to be going for, but a good pair of trainers, a well fitted sports bra and a cute pair of yoga pants is definitely on the cards. I love the range of women’s Nike trainers on the market today and even if you're not a gym fanatic like me, you can certainly wear these trainers on a day to day basis, they’re both trendy and fun. Now £130 may seem a lot to pay for a pair of trainers but you really are paying for the great set of features when it comes down to these sorts of trainers. Finely designed to give you not just the support you need, but the perfect amount of cushioning, these trainers are built with reflective visibility, perfect if you like jogging on these dark winter nights. Not only this, these particular trainers also allow you to play around with the actual design on the website. If you fancy a pair of pink trainers with white soles and a green tick nick, then a pair of pink trainers with white soles and a green nick tick you will get. Cool, lightweight and bang on trend, these Nike LunarGlide 5 trainers are a must have!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lights Camera Action | My New Blogging Camera

Okay, so I have been without a camera of my own coming up to nearly a year now and I thought it was about time that I put some of my hard earned cash to good use. And what better way to justify spending some money than by buying a new camera…

Of course my main intention for buying this camera was to take pictures for my blog. I am really taking this whole blogging scene seriously and want to express this to you wonderful people through not only my writing, but my pictures too! As well as this, a camera of my own allows me to capture some of the best moments in my life, I will definitely be taking it with me when I go on my travels over Easter (just remind me not to take this one out on a night out beforehand).

Naturally I decided I would do a bit of research in advance to see what the best cameras were on the market for bloggers like myself, and I narrowed this down to two brands, Canon and Nikon. I didn't really have a budget in mind when doing this but obviously I didn't want to be forking out hundreds of pounds on a camera when this could be put towards travelling money. As long as I wasn't compromising over quality I would be happy, and as you can imagine, these days you can get a lot more for your money than you could say last year. Yet after purchasing this little beauty at just £89.99 I did wonder if it was too good to be true! A 16 mp bridge camera with 26 x wide zoom, it was simply perfect for someone just starting off in the blogging scene. Unlike compact cameras, these cameras really allow you to zoom in on those finer details which is exactly what I was looking for. 

Both Canon and Nikon offer a wide range of cameras in all shapes and sizes and I do recommend you having a good look at this before making any quick purchases. Obviously  my main priority was getting a camera before I wrote any more blog posts, but a word of advice, don't let the cheaper cameras put you off.  Mine has tons of positive reviews and it certainly does the job, a quality camera at a quality price.

Nikon Coolpix L810

Monday, 20 January 2014

What To Wear To Work

You may like me often wonder what on earth to wear to work. You have just 30 minutes to leave the house and you still haven’t had breakfast or sorted out your notes from the night before. Sound familiar? Whether it's your first day at a new job or just another day at the office, choosing an outfit for work can sometimes prove to be more difficult than it seems. 

Do you often find yourself struggling with the idea of looking too corporate or too casual whilst choosing an outfit in the morning (or the night before if you’re really organised). Surely picking out an outfit shouldn't be that difficult? Yet, it often is if you are not provided with a uniform. Of course everyone has a works wardrobe so to speak, but this I find can often be quite dull and not flattering on the eye. Going to work doesn't mean you have to dress like you are going to meet the Queen ladies, you should be allowing your personality to shine through

Today it is more acceptable than ever to wear a pair of heels and possibly a figure hugging dress to the office, and why not, just like you males out there, we ladies have our own personal assets that we shouldn't be putting to waste. There is no harm in looking attractive (or even sexy) at work. You may turn a few heads if you stroll into the office with a face full of make-up and last nights clubbing wear on (don't do this), however wearing feminine attire isn't such a bad thing. So why not be a bit daring and put on that slightly shorter than the average skirt and show those at work, you really mean business. Below I have picked out some of my favourite work items at the moment all from high street chain, New Look.

New Look Blue Textured V Neck Dress- £19.99

New Look Tan Contrast Suedette Side Panel Tote Bag- £19.99
I believe what it truly comes down to is the company or organisation you work for. If like me you want to get into the fashion and beauty industry, allowing your clothes to reflect your personality is a big yes! However, if you're representing one of the world’s largest banks, I am not sure if a red polka dot dress and a pair of black 5 inch heels will exactly live up to the company’s policies. If you're not entirely sure with the company policies, I would double check with the manager so you know for certain you won't be breaking any rules. Today the high street is packed with great work attire as you can see from a few of the examples above. To finish, below I have listed some of my work wardrobe essentials. Obviously these are just a few ideas for you to play around with so again, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Wardrobe essentials: 
  • Peplum/pencil skirt (black preferably)
  • A pair of black high heels
  • Smart black trousers
  • Smart pair of black flat shoes 
  • Blazer- add a splash of colour if you're feeling brave
  • Black and white shirts- long or short sleeve
  • Barely black tights
  • Printed shirt (flowery or polka dot for example)
  • Tight smart dress
  • A smart watch
  • A smart bag 

New Look Black Zip Heel Court Shoes- £24.99

Brown Leather-Look Skinny Strap Watch- £9.99

Good luck!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

T is for Tartan | OOTD

So yesterday it was my best friend Erica`s birthday and what better way to celebrate it than by going to a roller disco (old school I know). Now this is something neither one of my friends nor I had tried before, but of course were all very excited about. Beforehand we discussed how much each of used to love roller blading when we were younger and how good it would be to relive this at a organised indoors disco (yes it was as fun as it sounds). Funnily enough my main concern was what in the world do I wear? I pondered this for a while…

JEANS-too tight, a DRESS-too OTT, LEGGINGS- likely to split, a SKIRT…yes finally I decided a skirt would be best and I put together this little beauty. 

Even though it meant possibly risking my dignity, I luckily held myself together and by the end of the night even attempted to try a few tricks (not wise)...

I am in love with tartan, have been ever since the start of the season. I bought this skirt in fact a couple of months ago from New Look and love it! I know tartan has essentially been 'in' for quite a while now but this is the main thing I love about the tartan print, it without fails comes back into fashion year in year out. This particular skirt is one of the longer ones available on the high street but the colours are fab and it fits beautifully. I teamed this with a high neck black tank top from Topshop, then along with some simple accessories (jewellery from Topshop) and my PVC style boots (New Look) I was ready to go. I grabbed a simple black blazer (Primark) and my fur vintage coat and headed for a night filled with laughter, friends and a nearly broken neck...

Friday, 17 January 2014

Fit Inspiration

After working on a weight loss camp in America in 2012, my love for fitness and nutrition increased even more, something I did not think was possible. Motivating others to lose weight through the use of a healthy diet and the right amount of exercise was an extremely rewarding experience, and one I will never forget. Today I have set up this blog in the hope to again inspire others, (give them tips on how to look great without breaking the bank), but most importantly make them feel good about their bodies whilst making the most out of their assets. Yes, those of you who know me may well be thinking, ‘she can talk’ and yes I admit I am one to talk! My struggle with weight over the years is one I wouldn't wish on anyone, however I now understand better than ever what it means to be healthy and how to maintain a desirable body weight. Right now I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been in terms of my appearance. I've come a long way and it hasn't been easy but what it has been is achievable.

Let’s get straight to it then and talk about the dreaded D word- my diet. I am always raving on about this word. An obsessed foodie, I love my food just as much as the next person but I know exactly what I should be eating and what I shouldn't, something you may struggle with. Is a jacket potato with cheese and beans really that healthy and what happens if I cut carbs out of my diet altogether you may be wondering. Rest assured I am here to explain all...


For me this 99.9% of the time consists of a bowl of wholegrain porridge with a chopped up banana, a handful of blueberries and a teaspoon of honey. I use water to make my porridge but you can use skimmed milk if you want to add some extra flavour. Also if you aren't keen on my choice of fruit you can use alternatives, these are just my preferences.

Other breakfast options may include:

One or two boiled eggs on two small pieces of wholemeal toast with low fat margarine.

Protein pancakes made with 1.5 scoops of chocolate protein, 2 egg whites, a small amount of flour to thicken and a banana (or any other HEALTHY recipe). This particular recipe should make roughly 4/5 small pancakes but obviously you can alter this accordingly.

A bowl of muesli with skimmed milk/natural yoghurt and some added fruit (why not).

If you’re one of those people who doesn't do breakfast, then try a piece of wholemeal toast spread with organic low fat peanut butter (trust me this is heavenly).

Or alternatively you could make a healthy smoothie using any fruits or pure fruit juices you may have lying around, along with a spoonful of natural yoghurt or a splash of skimmed milk. You can always make it sweeter by adding some honey if you have a natural sweet tooth like me, or even add some spinach to give it that extra kick.


Lunch which is usually eaten at work consists of a pre packed wholemeal sandwich (pitta, wrap, bread, whatever you desire just make sure it is wholemeal) loaded with chicken breast and salad (minus any dressing unless I'm feeling naughty).

Alternatives to this may include a jacket potato with beans or tuna and some side salad (no cheese or a small heaping of low fat cheese/cottage cheese).

An omelette made me with 2/3 eggs and a splash of skimmed milk along with a filling of your choice (chicken, low fat cheese, vegetables). I usually cook this using fry light or coconut oil staying away from high fat vegetable oils as these can add hundreds of calories to your meal. In fact if I can stay away from frying any of my food then I will. I much prefer baking my food, scrambled eggs being another alternative to an omelette, something you can do in the microwave without the use of oil.

Wholemeal pasta and chicken with a low fat sauce (tomato based preferably). You could add some side salad or some vegetables to the dish to turn this into a healthier alternative or even add a small helping of low fat cheese to give it some extra flavour.

Pitta pizza- a recipe taken from camp. For this you will need a wholemeal base (pitta) some tomato purée, low fat cheese and some rocket (you can add other toppings too but make sure any meats are cooked beforehand).

Home-made soup- an easy way of getting your 5 a day in one dish. All you will need are some vegetables, seasoning, water and stock, oh and of course a blender. Try sweet potato and butter-nut squash if you fancy something different, this is both tasty and nourishing.

Beans on toast- surprisingly not as bad as you think. Just remember to use wholemeal toast with low fat margarine along with reduced salt baked beans if you can.


For dinner I usually stick to chicken or turkey (turkey being the leaner healthier meat) which is my main source of protein. Then I will have a small amount of carbs (handful) such as wholemeal pasta, brown rice or a sweet potato. For my source of veg I love using mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, broccoli or if I am feeling lazy I will have some side salad.

I also like red meat which mainly includes a lean piece of steak which I have alongside a jacket potato/sweet potato and side salad. It is important to get your weekly intake of red meats too when ensuring you have enough iron in your diet.

I also make a lot of home-made favourites such as spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne and chicken curry. However instead of using mince meat I will use Quorn products. I also use wholemeal carb alternatives including brown rice and whole wheat pasta, and of course I cut out the sides (yes that unfortunately means the bread).

Chicken/prawn stir fry packed full of healthy vegetables and a low calorie sauce. I also am hooked on rice noodles which are very low in fat and act as a great source of carbohydrates.

Chicken wholemeal wraps with vegetables of your choice (peppers and onions are great) alongside a low calorie dressing.

Some sort of fish which for me usually consists of cod as I am not a big fan of seafood unfortunately, brown rice and vegetables. If you are feeling lazy don’t forget you can use frozen vegetables. Even though these aren't as nutritious, they still count towards your 5 a day.


In terms of snacking I tend to stick to unsalted nuts (a small amount only as these can be fattening but great for getting your daily intake of healthy fats).

1 or 2 rice crackers or Ryvita with a small heaping of organic low fat peanut butter is also a great source of protein and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

I also have a lot of fruit throughout the day to keep my sugar levels up including grapes, raspberries, apples etc.

Low fat yoghurt or natural yoghurt is also great if you’re craving something sweet and dessert like. Add a teaspoon of honey to your natural yoghurt and some fruit to make a tasty and healthy dessert.

Boiled eggs are a great source of protein and also make a great snack too!

Hummus and carrots have to be one of my favourite snacks, nutritious and filling, just make sure you try and stick to the low calorie hummus as the full fat hummus contains a lot of oil. You can also swap the carrots to a different type of vegetable, peppers and cucumber also being a favourite of mine.


I drink plenty of water and when I say plenty, I mean plenty! I am constantly thirsty so this is the main reason why I love water so much, but it is also a great way to detox the body and keep your cravings under control.

Another favourite drink of mine is tea, usually green tea or if I fancy a real 'cuppa' I will use low fat milk. I don't take sugar in my tea either again cutting down the calories.

A small class of pure fruit juice from concentrate (cranberry or orange being my preferences), just try not to overdo it in terms of sugar intake. If you are feeling low on sugar this is probably due to boredom more than anything. Eat some fruit or put a smoothie together to recharge your energylevels.

Finally if you enjoy a small tipple like me at the weekend, try and stick to a small glass of wine or a vodka and diet coke/cranberry juice. Remember ladies alcohol is probably the worst when it comes down to hidden calories, so take note of this if you are trying to lose weight.

Shopping list

Lean red meat
Wholemeal bread
Whole-wheat pasta
Brown rice
Salad (lettuce, onion, tomato and peppers being my favourite)
Sweet potatoes
Skimmed milk
Wholegrain oats
Fruit (a selection of your choice)
Vegetables (a selection of your choice)
Natural yoghurt
Cottage cheese
Low fat dressing
Coconut oil
Protein shake (diet whey)
Dried fruit
Unsalted nuts or organic peanut butter
Rice crackers/rivita
Low fat hummus

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Listen Up Graduates | What I really think of unpaid internships

After attending my first interview for an unpaid Internship last week, I started to have a think about the pros and cons of these sorts of roles. Are they really all what they are made up to be or does the thought of being unpaid after forking out thousands of pounds worth of tuition fees for the past three years simply put you off? In this blog I am going to share with you my thoughts on what I really think about unpaid Internships and answer that nagging question, is an Intern really for you? Take it from a recent graduate who has applied for numerous roles upon graduating, I know what it is like! My motto is to stay positive, however you have to be realistic in this day and age. Nobody said it would be easy...

So let’s begin with the pros.

The most obvious one being that you are able to gain valuable experience working in your chosen industry. Internships believe it or not are hard to get your hands on these days just like graduate jobs. It’s a dog eat dog world out there especially for graduates seeking work after university so getting an Intern unpaid or not is definitely something to be proud of. If anything it shows you are trustworthy and know your ‘stuff’ in regards to the industry or more specifically the company so to speak.

You get to really show the company what you are made of and why they should take you on permanently. You will be probably be completing some very mundane tasks from day to day including making the tea and sorting out the post and you may even feel like you have taken two steps back rather than forward. However, you will also be expected to get stuck in with some of the more important and creative stuff which is why you're really there!

They only usually last for 3 months. I don't think a company is legally allowed to keep you on any longer than this without paying you. So if it’s not for you, move on and let this motivate you to gain some further experience at a different company or possibly even a paid role.

It looks great on your C.V. Yes anything work related these days are a bonus for your C.V as I'm sure you're aware. Internships are especially great as it shows you are committed and value the experience more than anything.

You are able to network with the very best in the industry. Building contacts at this point in your working life is crucial. As the old saying goes, it is not what you know these days but who you know. Mix with the right people and you may see yourself flying to the top.

Surely there must be some cons?

Well obviously if you live outside of London and you are looking for a creative role like myself, travelling is the obvious one. I have been searching high and low for fashion and beauty PR companies around the Birmingham area and so far had no joy. London is where everything creative happens, in fact where most things happen...

Not only this but finding some money to cover your travel. Most Internships do offer some sort of expenses (they have to really) but it still doesn't cover the ridiculous prices you will be expected to pay for a train before 9am. Oh and then there is the tube…

You’re not guaranteed a job at the end of it. Yes this is true! Just because you are Interning doesn't necessarily mean there is a job waiting for you once it's over. However if you impress the company enough I'm sure they will have no choice but to keep you on. They would be stupid not to right?

They only usually last around three months. Also a con, you may feel that by the time you have settled in and actually starting to understand the company and the role, you are leaving. Therefore make the most of your time Interning by getting stuck in with anything, and everything and most importantly getting those contacts!

You often have to work long hours and at the end of it be expected to do the same all over again the very next day. Some individuals may feel unmotivated if the environment is very hands on and you’re not used to working (yes listen up you lazy students). Make sure you remind yourself why you are there; experience, experience ,experience!

You have to be quite flexible in terms of working hours and will without doubt be told what to do pretty much all of the time. You are only an Intern after all so your ideas may not always be valued. Therefore don’t be too disheartened if you aren't able to show off your full potential, especially to begin with.

Good luck with the job hunt! 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Skull Crazy | OOTD

An emerald long sleeved shirt (New Look), novelty cross leggings (New Look), a skull scarf (River Island) and PVC style boots (New Look).


I love the colour of this shirt, it’s very in season at the minute and looks great paired with a pair of leggings or black skinny jeans. I purchased this from New Look for £10 in the sale just a couple of weeks ago. What a steal! Moving on now to my leggings, again New Look. I purchased these last year when novelty leggings were ‘in’ and no design was too shocking! I think these leggings look great with a plain shirt or blouse, or even a casual t-shirt. They’re very comfy and quite Gothic looking, which is what drawn to me these in the first place. Speaking of Gothic, my scarf which I bought last winter from River Island is one of my fashion faves! I wear this scarf with absolutely everything, it is so versatile and looks great with any outfit! As you can see it is very much like the Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf which you can purchase from Selfridges (another reason why I love it, Mcqueen being one of my favourite designers). 

Let’s get one thing straight before we move on, I am obsessed with skulls, always have been, my ring also being one of my fashion faves- Dorothy Perkins. I team this little beauty with most of my outfits, it fits perfect and certainly catches your eye adding that extra bit of oomf to any outfit! To finish my look off, I am wearing a Topshop necklace (again I got this in the Boxing day sale), my favourite watch (Next) and a black bowler hat (Ebay) which again adds the final touches to quite a simple looking outfit.

This is a great outfit to wear if you're out and about or alternatively you could swap the leggings for a pair of black skinny jeans as mentioned earlier and put on a pair of plain black heels, thus turning this into a much more sophisticated look.

Monday, 13 January 2014

It's Glorious Darling | Soap And Glory

So I have decided to dedicate a blog post solely to this brand as it is definitely worth its own recognition. Soap & Glory has to be one of my favourite beauty brands (yes I say favourite/fave a lot!). Ever since my brother's girlfriend introduced me to the little beauty back in 2009 and I purchased my first ever ‘The Scrub Of Your Life’ exfoliating   product I have been hooked!

So as you can see I am building quite the collection here. Luckily for me Christmas brought me many lovely gifts including an array of new Soap & Glory products (thanks again to my brother and his girlfriend). Very exciting! As you can see this includes ‘The Scrub Of Your Life’ exfoliating product, ‘Butter Yourself’ body cream, ‘Foam Call’ Body wash and ‘Calm One Calm All’ Body lotion. 

So what do I have to say about these products and why do I rate them so highly? Well for starters these are really attractive looking goods; I love the vintage feel the designs have as well as the sheer amount of pink used on each design. I think this is the main reason why I was drawn to the brand in the first place if I'm honest.

As well as this, a cute little description is offered on how to use the product and what super ingredients it includes. By the way, don’t let the somewhat overwhelming amount of pink put you off ladies, this is a very prestigious brand and you certainly get luxury as well as good value for your money. I am certainly not exaggerating when I say that not only do these products look amazing, they smell amazing too leaving your skin looking and feeling wonderful! Another benefit of these products is that they are suitable for all skin types (take it from a person who has sensitive skin and is allergic to a lot of bath products). 

I think the name says it all really so if you haven’t already purchased one of Soap & Glory's, products make it one of your priorities to do so this year.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Beauty Essentials Continued

I love the Simple range and have numerous different skin products by this brand. This moisturiser (below) in particular is one of my ultimate faves: Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser. It does exactly what it says on the tin; it keeps my skin hydrated all day long. After using numerous different moisturisers over the years I think Simple offers an unbeatable price on its products for the impeccable value you receive. This beauty comes in at just £3.99 and is well worth every penny! All their products use natural ingredients and are designed to suit a range of skin types (oily, dry, aged etc). Remember ladies getting the basics right is very important if you want long lasting make-up throughout the day. It couldn't be simpler…

Silver shampoo and conditioner. Now those of you who know me will realise that I have had my fair share of hair colours over the years. However my hair in its current stage is probably at its driest due to all the peroxide I have used over the past year or more. If you are a brunette (or have any other hair colour) then feel free to skip this section, but if you're blonde like me, please listen up! I absolutely cannot live without these products. Not only do they bring out my colour every time I wash my hair; they keep my hair looking radiant something I feel blondes often struggle with. Nobody likes a dull blonde, so let your colour shine through with this beauty! This product is very cheap (£2.00) and you can purchase it from any local chemist including Boots and Superdrug. Don’t fork out on expensive blonde shampoo and conditioners when you can achieve the exact same result with these products.

Dove moisturiser with a hint of self tan. I have been using this product for many years now as an all over moisturiser product and I absolutely adore it! People are always commenting on the colour of my skin and this is exactly what helps me achieve my natural looking olive complexion. My skin is naturally quite dark anyway (father's genes) so I always use the medium to dark shade, however you can also purchase this product in a lighter shade too. It is very easy to apply and NEVER causes you to get any streaks like most tanning products often do. You will need to keep applying this product to build up the colour but after a few applications you should start to see a change in your skin tone. I recommend this to anyone who is afraid of using fake tan or the sunbeds or maybe you just want to keep a healthy looking glow all year round. At just £3.33 this is absolute bargain!

My Beauty Essentials

I know this is a popular topic amongst beauty bloggers so I thought I would ‘jump on the bandwagon’ essentially and share with you some of my beauty essentials.

We must begin with my favourite make-up product, one that I couldn't possibly live without, my Clinque Anti Blemish Foundation. In fact this foundation has been a personal favourite of mine ever since I turned sixteen (or old enough to start wearing make-up). I used to suffer from pretty bad acne in my teenage years so finding a foundation that wasn't oily and was designed for covering blemishes was essential. This foundation is very light on the face and doesn't clog your pores like a lot of liquid foundations often do so say goodbye to any further skin imperfections! I think I last paid around £22 for this foundation but it is a great foundation to wear either in the day or at night and therefore well worth the money. You don't need a lot of this foundation to achieve flawless skin so it usually lasts me a good couple of months. However, if you do want to build cover and go for a more ‘painted on’ look essentially, then the precise applicator allows you to measure out exactly how much you desire.

My second beauty favourite has to be my Mac eyebrow pencil. Big eyebrows are very much in at the moment and I love this eyebrow definer. It is very easy to apply and looks very natural to the brow line. It doesn't smudge (so perfect if you like going out clubbing like me) and can often last all day; I never feel the need to reapply. On the downside it is fairly expensive for what it is (£12) as I always end up using it very quickly. However I don't mind paying for quality over quantity in this instance. After trying numerous eyebrow pencils over the years, this has to be my favourite! It comes in numerous different shades and with it being a Mac product you can get one of the beauticians in store to test this out on you beforehand. I usually go for the spiked shade which is one of the darker shades but blends in great with my eyebrows!

Concealer: now I have always struggled to get a good concealer, hence why I have so many different brands of concealer in my make-up bag! However this little beauty has to be up there with some of the best on the high street. Benefit erase paste concealer which is used under the eyes and on skin imperfections does a great job of covering those dark circles in particular, something I know too well about. The great thing about this product is you only need tiny amount and it works wonders! Even though it is fairly expensive (£26) and prominently used under the eyes, it comes in three different shades and is very long lasting. Seriously say goodbye to those bags ladies!



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