Monday, 20 April 2015

10 important things to remember whilst you are travelling

1. Don't trust anybody. He may be 6 feet tall and strappingly handsome, but he is probably not the man of your dreams! Tourists are easy to prey on so be careful, especially if you're travelling alone. 

2. Do everything you possibly can. Yes is always a good answer. Don't be afraid to test your boundaries. You may never get this opportunity again. 

3. Clothes can be re-bought. If you haven't worn it or its heavy, throw it out! There will be plenty of cheap shops and markets for you to check out along the way. You can even get clothes handmade in some counties for next to nothing! And these are bound to be more sentimental than any item off the high street. 

4. Your family and friends will be waiting for you when you get back home. It's okay to be homesick, everyone experiences this whilst travelling. Just remember why you decided to go travelling in the first place; to experience new things and to meet new people. 

5. Friends come and go. You are going to meet heaps of travellers. Don't let anybody hold you back -you will only regret it in the long run.

6. Make sure you bring lots of layers. The weather can change from one part of the county to the next. One thing you don't want to become is sick, something I've experienced already. 

7. Listen to your body. Don't overdo it like I've been doing. Rest is just as important as seeing everything. There's only so much you can do its a day but time is certainly in your favour when you're  travelling. Just don't feel like you need to do something life changing every single day. There's always tomorrow...or the next day.

8. Drink lots of water and eat well. Keeping hydrated and energy levels flowing will only make your trip more enjoyable. Obviously don't splash all your money on an expensive meal every night, but if it comes to it, you may have to opt for the burger over the beer. Sorry guys!

9. Learn how the locals live. You don't want to be rude or caught in a situation which can be avoided. Every city has free guides and you will find a lot of things you need to know online too. No need for that pricey lonely planet book after all...

10. Stay open minded. You are going to experience some things or people you may not like or agree with along the way, but travelling is much more fun when the unexpected happens. No need to panic!



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How to give up your job and travel the world

So nine weeks ago near enough, I began the start of my year (or more) long adventure to the other side of the world; Australia. A journey I had been planning in my head for many years, but the reality was, nothing could have prepared me for what waited for me on the other side...

A word of advice for anyone thinking of doing anything similar - do not hesitate. There is no point waiting around to see if your best mate Sarah will come (she won't come). Take the plunge and go solo. Solo travelling isn't for everyone, and I have to admit it took a lot for me to say goodbye to my wonderful family and friends back in the UK. However, now, eight weeks in, I am wondering what all the fuss was about. Yes, I had a job waiting for me once I had arrived, but the fact of the matter is, you're never short of people to meet whilst you're travelling, especially in the tourist hyped backpacker areas. You will find work and you will make friends, even it means forcing yourself on to someone (don't do this!).

Sometimes it is about going out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. I organised this whole trip by myself, which shocked a lot of people back home when I told them.  How could I trust the family I was going to work for? How did I know I would even enjoy it? Well these are all questions waiting to be answered, right when you step off that plane and have to fend for yourself. Yes it's insanely scary and exciting too, but just remember, if worst comes to worst, you can always jump straight back on that plane back home. Of course, this wasn't an option for me when I began to compare Sydney to the likes off West Bromwich, my home town. I think I'll stay here for a little while longer thanks!

Just remember, research is key. Whether you have been pondering your trip for a while, or if it's a spontaneous last minute one, make sure you have some sort of plan so you're not left stranded in the middle of nowhere! Australia is very westernised as you may know. So I knew even if I didn't have a job or anywhere to stay, I would be safe. However, the same can't be said about Asia (another place I'm visiting on my travels). No matter how many times you've been travelling, you can never be too certain about your own safety. 

I know a lot of people envy what I am doing right now. Some would say I am living the dream. I have no responsibilities, lots of time on my hands and most importantly, a free mind. Even though it's important to have some idea of where you'll be going, being open minded is key when travelling (as noted in my previous post). With an open mind, you will be amazed at how easy things seem...

For me, it all started when I finished university and started working full time. My life was lacking something to say the least. Spinning in my office chair for days on end became tedious. I was irritable, yearning for something more. My concentration levels often sunk after a few hours at work, with lunch being the highlight of my working day. Okay I get it, you're not meant to 'love' work, but for me it seemed so wasteful to wish my life away like this. I didn't hate my job but I wasn't hugely passionate about it either, which above all else, made me extremely sad. I want to find something that is worth getting up for, whatever that may be. And here I am - travelling the world - a one way to ticket to a sea of opportunities. On this journey, besides building on life experiences and fun aspect, I also want to find exactly that.

With this blog, I am able to build on my writing experience, an essential tool for anyone seeking a career in the the PR/ comma industry, as well as keep up to date with the real world. But for now it's time to enjoy myself and remember why I quit my job in the first place and decided to travel the world...


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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Afternoon tea at the lounge

Last Saturday, my mother and I headed over to The Cube in the Mailbox, Birmingham for some special mother and daughter time before I depart for the land of Oz on Sunday. I originally purchased afternoon tea for two on Groupon as a special Mother's Day treat, but decided this was the perfect excuse to fit in some last minute shopping, and also enjoy some quality time together on a rainy afternoon (not something we get to do very often). 

Apart from being quite difficult to find (I am not overly familiar with The Cube), I must say, I was rather impressed. The Lounge itself, (which forms part of the Club and Spa at The Cube) was very cosy indeed, overlooking some of Birmingham's finest canals. But what about the afternoon tea itself? Did it live up to its expectations? Of course it did. I wouldn't have expected anything less from the Mailbox. After struggling to locate its whereabouts, we finally arrived in good time, and were greeted by our waitress who offered us a choice of tea or coffee to start, (of course we went for tea). She then checked to see if we had any dietary requirements, before showing us to our seats overlooking the canal. Throughout the afternoon the service was on point - we were presented with our tea and an array of delicious finger sandwiches and cakes in little under ten minutes.

Included on our three tier cake stand was a gooey chocolate brownie, a crunchy seeded caramel flapjack, a succulent carrot cake and two classic British scones with fresh jam and cream, not forgetting a choice of finger sandwiches on both white and brown bloomer bread. We were truly spoilt for choice. Saying that, I think we could have done with a few more sandwiches (this was our lunch after all), as the ratio of sandwiches to cakes was enough to make anyone have a slight heart attack...

Of course, we managed to get through the food in no time (including all the cakes) even though I was adamant I wasn't going to eat them all, and would be taking some home with me. The temptation was clearly too much - these cakes were truly delicious! This was the perfect afternoon, and for just £16, I couldn't complain. I was slightly annoyed that I didn't purchase the deal with the glass of prosecco each to finish for an extra five pound. However, this didn't stop me treating us both to a glass of white to toast my big move in a few days time.

So would I come back? Definitely, but maybe in the summer months when it's a bit warmer and you're not left watching the rain. Saying that, this didn't stop people from celebrating the long Easter weekend out on the canal. I am not sure if the offer is still running on Groupon, but either way, this is the perfect little hideout after a long days shopping, or if you just fancy a bite to eat. They have a range of light snacks and drinks for you to choose from on the menu in addition to the afternoon tea. I for one loved the fresh modern decor, including the funky leather sofas, colourful armchairs and oden wall panels. Very chic indeed! It looked like many other mother's and daughter's had a similar idea too - the place was overflowing with women of all ages. 

Have you visited The Lounge before? What do you think of afternoon tea?


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