Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Pastel Crazy

So I have just tested out the new pastel hair craze (better late than never) and unfortunately I am not best impressed with the result. After a quick last minute shopping trip into town before Christmas, I grabbed the first lilac hair dye I could find in Superdrug, this being Loreal Feria pastel toning conditioner. Seeing as this is a prestigious hair and beauty brand I did not think twice about the £8 I was handing over, nor the end result. However this product disappointed for numerous reasons.

After washing my hair as instructed my first attempt was pretty much pointless. It was only after I had got my hair bleached blonde again (costing me another £40) and attempted to use this product for another couple of times that I could actually see some results. Luckily you could use the product multiple times once the seal had been broken.

The general reaction from my family and friends was as follows; my mother said the product had aged me and looked ‘grey’. My boyfriend on the other hand happened to quite like the colour, as did I, however would have much preferred it to have taken to all of my hair as opposed to random sections. This product certainly did not do what it said on the box and I am sure after one or two washes I will not even be able to tell that I have used this on my hair at all. Even though it was advertised more as a conditioner I expected it to do something to my hair at least and therefore I will not be giving this product the thumbs up!

Overall rating 2/10.

Monday, 30 December 2013

The Christmas Jumper

So it’s that time of year again in which we see a flood of people stampeding down to their local high street in an attempt to get their hands on the last of their Christmas gifts, and of course some new festive attire. This includes my personal favourite, the infamous Christmas jumper. In preparation for my office party, I decided I too would take the dreaded trip down to Primark and try and get my hands on one of the few Christmas jumpers left, and just look at this little beauty I managed to get my hands on! At only £12 I am sure to say I grabbed myself a right little cracker this year!

Yes it may be a males jumper but it fits perfect and I am a big fan of male jumpers as there is always a better selection and they are often a lot less pricey too!  Even though I will only be pulling this out at Christmas time, it sure will come in handy over the next few years. I love having a play with the festive range that Primark and other high street stores have on offer. At Christmas you can afford to look a bit silly and relive the childhood dream (that's my excuse anyway.)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

It's All About Me


So I figured in this first blog it may be useful to introduce myself, who I am, what I do for a living and what I hope to achieve by setting up this blog. So I will begin with the very basics, that being my name, Laura Atkins and why this blog is so essential to my career path. Well I am a recent English graduate hoping to follow through with a career in the fashion and beauty PR industry. This blog will enable me to share my passion for writing along with the consumer industry.

Not only do I have a strong interest for anything creative which includes fashion, cosmetics, art and food, I am also a keen writer whose ambition is to inspire women like myself through my weekly blog posts. My ideas will span from season to season but I will also blog whenever I see something  interesting or something that catches my eye, which knowing me, will often be completely random!

The main theme of all my blogs will relate to the current fashion industry and how this undermines many women out there today. As you can see through my blog title, I am strongly against the use of size Zero models and want to give women a way to feel good about their bodies without depriving themselves of their daily needs.

My goal is to use clothes, food and fitness to inspire women and hopefully make them happier by the end of next year. My own journey with food will come into play along with my dissertation which focused on the beauty industry today and how the media manipulates many women into seeing the ‘skinny ideal’ as the one we should all aspire to.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog much as I will enjoy writing it but that’s all from me for today, time to enjoy some festive drinks with my friends.

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