Friday, 21 February 2014

The Dieting Industry | What Really Goes Into Your Mouths

We are a nation obsessed by weight and dieting that’s for sure. A country so desperate to shed that extra pound (or even half a pound) just so that we can treat ourselves to a ‘well deserved’ glass of wine at the weekend. Yet I ask, are we simply living in denial about the fact that the majority of our diets are simply awful, and these days a lot of us are too lazy to walk five minutes up the road to fetch a loaf of bread from the local supermarket? What we need is change and we need it now.

I am no nutritional expert and will never pretend to be but one thing I am is honest. I am honest about the foods that I put into my mouth and the amount of exercise I carry out on a weekly basis. This is something I feel a lot of the UK struggle with, the secret eaters. I have done a lot of research into this just lately and it is really interesting what you can find. That extra bit of oil you use to fry your chips, that bag of crisps you sneak in before you go to bed, that one biscuit at lunchtime with your cup of tea; it all counts. We can no longer be affording to think like this. But what I do think is that what we need re-educating, from a young age especially on the good and the bad foods. Sounds silly really but I think it’s the only way to stop our nation becoming any larger and start being pickier with the foods we choose to eat.

We no longer need to struggle with fad diets or celebrity workout DVD'S. We can do this ourselves with just a bit of common sense and a whole lot of will power. This brings me to the topic I wanted to focus on today primarily, slimming pills, diet pills, whatever you want to call them. A multi millionaire business today, it seems as if everyone is trying them and nobody is really considering the risks. Just because you can purchase them from leading chemists, this does not mean they are good for you or will help you! Okay maybe they do work, but seriously are we not considering the risks of these pills? A lot of these pills are not even legal. The government have already banned the majority of them due to serious side effects including death! Slimming pills are not only said to upset the stomach, I can also imagine them to stop the natural intake  of vital nutrients needed to function, which is seemingly worse than dieting. At least with some diets like Weight watchers you are allowed to have the foods you love, just healthier alternatives which is exactly what I preach.

A popular slimming pill amongst dieters
The fact of the matter is we don’t really know what are in these products and what we are putting into our vulnerable bodies. Just when we thought our bodies haven’t seen enough mistreatment. Many companies including big leaders such as Ebay, Amazon and online chemists are raking in millions of pounds on desperate individuals who are apparently too ‘busy’ to go to the gym. In fact slimming pills can be divided into three groups. Firstly licensed slimming pills prescribed by doctors; unlicensed slimming pills available at private slimming clinics, and slimming pills sold over-the-counter. What ever happened to exercise and a healthy balanced diet I ask?

Fresh fruit and vegetables are key for a healthy diet
We hear so many horror stories today about slimming pills, and no I haven’t tried them personally but there is no evidence to prove that they actually work. We are just giving in to what we see in the media but we cannot simply trust what Beyonce or Kate Moss are doing. These probably have their own personal GP’s who can monitor their day to day activities, but for the likes of me and you all we have is a label which let’s be honest, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I don’t for a second think it is worth taking the risk but the pressure to lose weight quicker than ever today is becoming more ridiculous by the second. Yes we are dealing with an obesity epidemic in the UK but quick fixes will never be the answer.

I was shocked to read the other day that Australia are now also struggling with the rise of obesity. In a country full of sunshine and supermodels, it’s hard to think of anyone struggling with their weight. However with the rise of fast food restaurants across the world and with less people walking or cycling, this was bound to happen. We are also constantly finding new apparently ‘healthy’ foods loaded with sugars and additives which is making a lot of us even more confused on what we should and shouldn't be eating and a bit less lenient to trust what we see on the packaging of foods. One thing is for sure, we are succumbing to advertising and following in the footsteps of America when it comes to eating big. 

Fast food may be convenient but it's putting our health at risk
Hopefully after reading this article those of you who are struggling with your weight, whether your'e a size 10 or a size 20 realise more than ever the potential dangers of slimming pills and  losing large amounts of weight in a short space of time. Remember to always check the label. Just because something has a lot of calories, this doesn't necessarily mean it is unhealthy and vice versa. 

For some healthy tips and recipes for all the family check out Thanks for reading.

Monday, 17 February 2014

London Grammar | Sunday Jamming

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time, go and watch live music. As I have grown older, I have begun to distance myself from the clubbing scene so to speak and started to enjoy quiet nights in with my loved ones, or quiet nights out doing something a little bit different to the ordinary. I have always enjoyed listening to music don’t get me wrong, this is a big part of my life, but there is something so attractive about going to a small intimate gig over the weekend (well what I thought was going to be intimate anyway). When I first purchased tickets for my best friend and I to go and see London Grammar, the band were quite new and unheard of so I didn't expect the sheer amount of people to turn up. Yet this is not to say they didn't deserve that amount of recognition and secondly to that, everyone was very relaxed and just generally happy to be there which is always a plus. There were some great vibes at the 02 Birmingham last night that’s for sure. 

Album cover-'If You Wait'
A shot from the night
A nice mixture of different aged couples and friends all out to show their support to one of the best breakthrough acts we have seen this year, this has to be one of the best gigs I have been to. One of the main things I love about this band is the fact that they are very chilled out and easy to listen to. Their style of music is very unique and surprisingly enough, they sound better live than they do on YouTube! Last night brought an end to their tour, sadly for London Grammar but they were extremely grateful and even seemed a little overwhelmed by it all. Obviously fame hasn't got to their heads just yet! So all in all a great gig and well worth the small price of £14 that's for sure! I look forward to buying their album 'If You Wait' which is available now and listening to what else they have to give. Mark my words, this band will go far!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day | Red Roses And Expensive Dining

With Valentine's day soon approaching, I have decided in this next blog post that I would keep up to date with the latest happenings as I see many of you lovely bloggers out there often do. Now take it from someone who has never had a Valentine so to speak on Valentines day, this day is pretty much alien to me. Even now I don't really see the point in celebrating this OTT day, surely you should celebrate your love for someone all year round ladies. Anyway I'm not one to judge and I have to say, I too will be succumbing to the Valentine's charm this year myself. I'm sure the restaurant will be packed and ridiculously overpriced but I'm always one for trying things at least once.

So a few tips for you ladies out there who want to impress your Valentine this year, whether this be a long term partner, new love or even just a friend. I love a good excuse to dress up and sure you ladies will agree, so let's get down to it and start with the basics, make-up. 

The most obvious thing for me has to be some daring lipstick. In line with the Valentine's theme, a gorgeous red shade of lipstick would look stunning, or even a pink shade if you're not feeling too adventurous. I've gone for this Rimmel Alarm red shade myself, which is both glossy and vibrant and will add the final touch to any outfit. In terms of the other make-up I will be using, I love  Max Factor's long lasting foundation whenever I go out on the town as it does exactly what it says on the tin, it lasts for hours and gives you great coverage. It also matches my skin perfectly, especially if I am using fake tan as it is a much darker shade than my Clinique foundation. In terms of my blush, at the moment I am currently using a Clinique blusher palette which I really love. I think it is very important to keep those those cheeks looking flushed for your Valentine ladies! A layer of Rimmel mascara and I will be all set and ready to go! 

In terms of my outfit I have gone for a cute little black and white polka dot play suit along with my Chelsea boots (of course). A black blazer and a pair of black tights and my outfit is pretty much complete. I think it is important to try and look your best without going too over the top especially if you are a new couple. You don't to scare him off ladies!

So what do us girls expect on Valentine's day? Well as I am still trying to diet I have said no to the chocolates and gone for a nice meal for two and hopefully a bunch of flowers. If you are struggling for ideas I have listed a couple below. 

First on the list being this lovely bunch of roses from Interflora at £44.99. I am not the biggest fan of big flowers and sometimes think being subtle is better. However, these flowers, which are described as their most popular bunch of flowers on their website are perfect for my liking. Secondly on my list, is this Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne Brut, perfect if you're after luxury this year.I love an excuse to crack open the champagne and what better excuse than on Valentines day! I love Moet and am also a big fan of anything pink so why not combine the two and really treat yourself this year. Available from Asda for a price of £40.25 this is not the cheapest of champagnes but it certainly is a hot pick this Valentine's. Lastly, I think looking sexy is definitely important on Valentines day so some nice lingerie is a must ladies. Ann Summers and La Senza will be raking in the profits this kind of year I'm sure. 

Intrerflora Roses
Moet Pink Champagne
Ann Summers Volume Boost Basque

Whatever you do on this Valentines ladies make sure you enjoy yourselves, I know I certainly will!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Save The Bees | Burts Bees Cosmetics

For those of you who know my partner and I, you could say we are slightly obsessed by bees. So when I first got my hands on this little beauty from the Burt’s Bees collection over Christmas, Honeybee favourites, I couldn’t resist. Made from all natural ingredients including beeswax and oils to keep your skin feeling hydrated all day long, these products are not only kind to your skin, they are also very kind to the environment.  This particular set includes two of their most popular products, the replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil, and the naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion. It is so important at this time of year to keep your lips moisturised (nobody wants sore cracked lips) and this lip balm achieves exactly that. Also the red tinge of pomegranate smells great and evens out any imperfections on the lips. Beelicious!

When looking for skin products for myself, it is very important that I check the ingredients. I have very sensitive skin and therefore finding the perfect products can sometimes prove difficult. Yet it goes without saying that this moisturiser exceeded all my expectations. Rich and nourishing, this natural moisturiser keeps the skin hydrated without adding any extra oils. Best for normal to dry skin and perfect for those long winter days, the milk is said to do the nourishing, whilst the honey helps to soften skin. Again the product smells great and lasts for up to 24 hours so no need to reapply. In fact you only need a tiny amount of this lotion and you are able to see the effects immediately.
All the products at Burt’s Bees are dermatologist-tested and available at all leading retail stores including Debenhams and Boots. If you are a lover of good quality kind to skin products and feeling a little bit under the weather this winter, then do not think twice about purchasing one, if not more of their products. A perfect fit for your handbag, this product will certainly make you think twice about abandoning that important skin regime this winter. At just £4.80 what’s not to love?

Friday, 7 February 2014

Big Fur Coats And Woolly Jumpers | OOTD

So I am just on my way to Nottingham to meet my other half for his 21st birthday and because it's feeling a bit chilly outside, I thought I would wrap up for the occasion. I haven't had any pictures taken in my fur coat either, so what better excuse than to publish a new blog post featuring that very item. 

This coat has to be my absolute favourite piece of clothing at the moment. Passed down to me by my very own nan, it's made of real rabbit fur and is the warmest, snuggest coat I've ever owned. I am always complaining at this time of year about how cold I am, so when my nan mentioned she had a fur coat that she no longer wore, I  simply could not resist. As you can see, it is a little on the big side for me (I'm only small) but it literally looks great with anything and hence why I have not taken it off since the very first day I got my hands on the little beauty. 

Perfect for those cold winter mornings and evenings, I have always been a fan of vintage clothing especially when it is kept within the family, I am sure many of you will agree. I know some people may be against this coat with it being real fur, but for me it is much more personal than that. Not only does this coat have so much history, it is still extremely fashionable and looks as good as new. To say my nan used to wear this coat when she was in her early twenties like myself, making this coat at least 50 years old is amazing! That's the real beauty of vintage clothing, bringing incredible clothes back to life. Of course another great feature of this coat is the fact that it keeps me incredibly warm but that would be stating the obvious.

As you can see, I have teamed this with a pair of winter woollen monochrome leggings from River Island and a slimline emerald jumper, again from River Island. As I bought both of these items last year, I cannot give you an exact price on how much I paid for them. My hat which I purchased from the Topshop sale cost me just £5 and my shoes which I mentioned in my previous blog post are again from Topshop at around £40. I am a big lover of hats at the moment and love experimenting as you may find out throughout this blog if you haven't already. 

Anyway I have just arrived in Nottingham so that will be all from me. I hope you have enjoyed reading and I look forward to sharing with you some more inspirational material.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fit For The Queen | The Chelsea Boot

Okay, so I really love the range of Chelsea boots that have hit the high street just lately in correlation with the heritage trend. Flat ones, chunky ones, heeled ones; there are so many to choose from. I bought mine intentionally to wear for work but I must say I haven't taken them off since I bought them! Comfortable, stylish and very versatile, these boots are a must have this season! I think I paid around £40 from Topshop for mine but I have certainly got my wear out of them already. Every girl out there knows that a good pair of black boots are a wardrobe essential, and my Chelsea boots have to be one of the best pair of black boots I have ever owned. I have currently been on the lookout for a pair of heeled Chelsea style boots, these ones from River Island catching my eye in particular. At just £40.00, these grunge chunky heeled ankle boots feature Chelsea styled elastic gussets and are perfect to wear either in the day or at night. I am a lover of all things grudge so I think these are a style steal and will certainly add a bit of OOMPH to any outfit.

River Island heeled grunge ankle boots

The Chelsea boot which stems from the Victorian era has a long history in the world of fashion and in the equestrian field. In fact this boot was originally designed for the Queen herself, merging both practicality and class. Perfect for those cold winter mornings, we have seen many celebs working this trend over the years including Fearne Cotton and David Beckham (yes men can wear these stylish boots too). The next pair of boots on my list are again from River Island and are very similar to the pair I own. Reduced from £65 to £45 these are a fresh take on the classic Chelsea boot; perfect if you want to keep things simple, but still effortlessly stylish.

River Island black elastic panel Chelsea boots

Last but no means least, going off the Chelsea trend just slightly with my final pick, these retro double zip chunky ankle boots are again in the £40 range from River Island. Featuring quilted panel, these boots are not only sheek, they are also bang on trend this winter. Again, I love the grunge feel these boots have and think they would look perfect with a pair of black skinny jeans  or even a cute little dress and a pair of black tights. Obviously these are just a few of the different styles available on the high street at the moment. I would also recommend Topshop and New Look for some further inspiration, but for me River Island has to be one of my favourite shops for some of the best looking shoes on the high street at the moment.

River Island double zip ankle boots


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