Thursday, 27 November 2014

Primark Haul

So I have gone a bit crazy in Primark just recently. What was intended to be a hunt for some new work clothes turned into me spending nearly half my weeks wages (shocking). I have always managed to pick up some amazing things from Primark, and that still stands to this very day. I think it's more of a being in there at the right sort of time. I avoid Primark like the plague on a Saturday or even during the day. Evenings are always quieter after the initial after work rush, and this allows you to walk round at your own leisure. 

So let's begin by having a look at some of the things I have picked up over the last couple of weeks. Firstly is this pink duster coat which is amazing! It's so warm and fantastic quality for just £25. I can't wait to wear it this winter when it starts to get even colder. I was tempted to put this on the other day in fact but think I will save it for when it snows. Primark have some of the best winter coats in store at the moment.I recommend you getting yours early though, as they are very cheap and once they're gone, they probably wont come back!

I also managed to pick up these amazing pairs of shoes. Firstly these leopard print ones are to die for. I still have an obsession with anything leopard print, so you can imagine how excited I was to bag these and for just £9.!They are bang on trend again at the moment and look so cute teamed with a pair of jeans and a loosely fitted shirt. The mink heels are not a colour I would usually go for but these are amazing to say they're from Primark. Not only do they look classy, they are again bang on trend this autumn/winter. A bit pricier at £14, but again amazing value for money. That's two pairs of heels for just £23!

Amongst all the pleasure fuelled shopping, I did manage to pick up a few things for work. Now even though Primark seems to be going up in price, I still think you can pick up some really good work attire. I found these small heels which I often wear with a pencil skirt to work. Even though they're not the most stylish of heels, they are very comfortable, and again only cost £9.

Finally is this blazer which I love. Not only have I worn this to work, I have also worn it a couple of times when going for a meal with friends. I love the waterfall effect. The material is very strong and it doesn't look like something you would be able to pick up from Primark.

So there you have it - just a few things I have picked up recently but I am adding to this collection as we speak so expect another haul very soon!

Do you like shopping in Primark? What's the best item you have picked up recently?


  1. I love Primark so much! I got your pink coat in the blue and it literally doesnt leave my back haha best buy ever! xx

    1. Ah I think I have seen that one. Is it a turquoise colour? This coat is actually really warm and really needs to come out soon!!!! xxxx

  2. Oh my god I love the pink coat- it's so pink haha :p At the moment I'm just wearing a boring black winter coat that I've had for years, but I'll definitely go to Primark and see what they have to offer! And yes you're right- the leopard print shoes are to die for!

    Sarah xxx

    1. It is such a nice pink isn't it!!! I haven't worn it yet even though I should start to as it's getting really cold hehe!!! I love leopard print so these are a bargain!!! xxxxxx


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