Tuesday, 24 December 2013

It's All About Me


So I figured in this first blog it may be useful to introduce myself, who I am, what I do for a living and what I hope to achieve by setting up this blog. So I will begin with the very basics, that being my name, Laura Atkins and why this blog is so essential to my career path. Well I am a recent English graduate hoping to follow through with a career in the fashion and beauty PR industry. This blog will enable me to share my passion for writing along with the consumer industry.

Not only do I have a strong interest for anything creative which includes fashion, cosmetics, art and food, I am also a keen writer whose ambition is to inspire women like myself through my weekly blog posts. My ideas will span from season to season but I will also blog whenever I see something  interesting or something that catches my eye, which knowing me, will often be completely random!

The main theme of all my blogs will relate to the current fashion industry and how this undermines many women out there today. As you can see through my blog title, I am strongly against the use of size Zero models and want to give women a way to feel good about their bodies without depriving themselves of their daily needs.

My goal is to use clothes, food and fitness to inspire women and hopefully make them happier by the end of next year. My own journey with food will come into play along with my dissertation which focused on the beauty industry today and how the media manipulates many women into seeing the ‘skinny ideal’ as the one we should all aspire to.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog much as I will enjoy writing it but that’s all from me for today, time to enjoy some festive drinks with my friends.


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