Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Pastel Crazy

So I have just tested out the new pastel hair craze (better late than never) and unfortunately I am not best impressed with the result. After a quick last minute shopping trip into town before Christmas, I grabbed the first lilac hair dye I could find in Superdrug, this being Loreal Feria pastel toning conditioner. Seeing as this is a prestigious hair and beauty brand I did not think twice about the £8 I was handing over, nor the end result. However this product disappointed for numerous reasons.

After washing my hair as instructed my first attempt was pretty much pointless. It was only after I had got my hair bleached blonde again (costing me another £40) and attempted to use this product for another couple of times that I could actually see some results. Luckily you could use the product multiple times once the seal had been broken.

The general reaction from my family and friends was as follows; my mother said the product had aged me and looked ‘grey’. My boyfriend on the other hand happened to quite like the colour, as did I, however would have much preferred it to have taken to all of my hair as opposed to random sections. This product certainly did not do what it said on the box and I am sure after one or two washes I will not even be able to tell that I have used this on my hair at all. Even though it was advertised more as a conditioner I expected it to do something to my hair at least and therefore I will not be giving this product the thumbs up!

Overall rating 2/10.


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