Friday, 7 February 2014

Big Fur Coats And Woolly Jumpers | OOTD

So I am just on my way to Nottingham to meet my other half for his 21st birthday and because it's feeling a bit chilly outside, I thought I would wrap up for the occasion. I haven't had any pictures taken in my fur coat either, so what better excuse than to publish a new blog post featuring that very item. 

This coat has to be my absolute favourite piece of clothing at the moment. Passed down to me by my very own nan, it's made of real rabbit fur and is the warmest, snuggest coat I've ever owned. I am always complaining at this time of year about how cold I am, so when my nan mentioned she had a fur coat that she no longer wore, I  simply could not resist. As you can see, it is a little on the big side for me (I'm only small) but it literally looks great with anything and hence why I have not taken it off since the very first day I got my hands on the little beauty. 

Perfect for those cold winter mornings and evenings, I have always been a fan of vintage clothing especially when it is kept within the family, I am sure many of you will agree. I know some people may be against this coat with it being real fur, but for me it is much more personal than that. Not only does this coat have so much history, it is still extremely fashionable and looks as good as new. To say my nan used to wear this coat when she was in her early twenties like myself, making this coat at least 50 years old is amazing! That's the real beauty of vintage clothing, bringing incredible clothes back to life. Of course another great feature of this coat is the fact that it keeps me incredibly warm but that would be stating the obvious.

As you can see, I have teamed this with a pair of winter woollen monochrome leggings from River Island and a slimline emerald jumper, again from River Island. As I bought both of these items last year, I cannot give you an exact price on how much I paid for them. My hat which I purchased from the Topshop sale cost me just £5 and my shoes which I mentioned in my previous blog post are again from Topshop at around £40. I am a big lover of hats at the moment and love experimenting as you may find out throughout this blog if you haven't already. 

Anyway I have just arrived in Nottingham so that will be all from me. I hope you have enjoyed reading and I look forward to sharing with you some more inspirational material.



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