Friday, 11 July 2014

Beauty Haul | Wake Me Up

So my second beauty haul this month consisted of some real beauty bargains including the popular wake me up foundation by Rimmel which I have been longing to try for months, and the just as popular Bourjois bronzer. I also purchased a new powder brush, another one to add to my collection of real techniques brushes. As noted in one of my previous posts I will be featuring a separate post on these brushes solely so bare with me on that one.

What a pretty collection
First off, let's start by having a look at the fairly new wake me up foundation by Rimmel. After using this foundation for over a week now, I must say I am not really impressed. A rather thick foundation, this I feel can look quite heavy on the skin. At just £6 though you can't really complain (original price £8.99). You are able to achieve all over coverage with just a few pumps which is great if you're in a hurry. 

Now I must say, I am not usually one for trying new brands of foundation after I fell in love with Clinque's anti blemish solutions foundation a couple of years ago. However I think it is good to experiment especially as you get older and your skin alters. Unfortunately this foundation wasn't for me and my oily combination skin so it looks like I will be reverting back to my old ways. Saying that, this foundation may be worth investing in if you have dry skin as it certainly gives your skin a glow as promised on the bottle. In terms of offering anti fatigue effects I am not so sure. 

This foundation I felt only clogged my pores making me break out in an array of spots which is quite unusual for me these days. It also wasn't very natural on my skin, which is something I love about Clinique's anti blemish foundation. Even though Clinique's foundation is much higher on the price scale, it allows your skin to breathe and prevents you from developing any imperfections. This I find it something this wake me up foundation doesn't do and reason one I probably won't be purchasing this again. 



Now on to the Bourjois bronzer which I have heard many great things about from my friends in particular. Again this was on offer at the time of purhcase and as I love a good bargain, I decided to purchase this chocolatey delight to add some extra colour to my cheeks during these summer months. Bronzer is not something I use a lot of so in terms of knowing which ones are the best ones on the market, I can't say I am an expert. However this bronzer did not disappoint. Even though this is quite a subtle bronzer, it's a great colour nd adds instant sheen to your skin or in my case, somewhat pale face. Definitely great for everyday use over the face and neck area. 

Inside your Bourjois palette 
In my next post I will be talking about this brush and more...
Thanks for reading and again remember to keep your eyes pealed for my next beauty post which will be featuring all my real techniques collection of brushes.


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