Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Birmingham Bloggermeet Goody bag Haul

Following up on my previous post, in this post I am going to do a quick run through of all the wonderful goodies we received in our blogger goody bags on Sunday. 

To start with we have these AMAZING products from Bee Good. Now I have mentioned this before but I will say it again - I am obsessed with bees.  Weird I know, but my ex and I had this thing where we used to call each other Bee and it kind of stuck. I've even written a book related to bees but that's a whole different story... Burts Bee products are some of my favourites so as you can imagine, I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw that we had some Bee related goodies in our goody bags. I have never used this brand before but the products smell amazing and any natural products get an instant thumbs up from me!  Bee Good were kind enough to send each of us a full sized hand cream and lip balm, perfect as the cold winter mornings approach us.

Next up is this cute little gift from Nanshy. I am not familiar with this brand but I must say I was instantly drawn to the silky packaging. The little brush inside as you can see is perfect for blending and one I can't wait to try.

Lovely Lotions sent us this handmade soap which smells gorgeous.  A natural product with extra cute packaging, I am looking forward to trying this Tea infused goody.

Also in our goody bags we got these tester fragrances from Milton Llyod which smell amazing! Perfect for your handbag on a night out too.

Harlequin Cosmetics, a brand I have heard an awful lot about just lately and one I have been dying to try. They certainly lived up to my expectations too. A Birmingham based company these are certainly one to watch over the next couple of months. The hand cream and soap they sent us both smell delightful. I love the simple yet elegant packaging and design this brand uses, and their products again are very natural too. I also love the fact that they are practically on my doorstep. However, this could be dangerous for my bank balance...

Another sponsor on the list was Lylia Rose, a quirky accessories company who sent us a beautiful necklace each. I got this lovely silver leaf one in my goody bag which  I LOVE. I don't own many silver accessories so it will be nice to add something new to my ever growing collection.

Lush Cosmetics were too good to us. They sent us all this amazing package each - that's a whole lot of lush products and a whole lot of goodness too. I love Lush products as does every blogger so Abbigayle did well to secure such a huge giveaway. First off is this handmade soap.  I haven't actually tried any of Lush's soap as of yet as soap isn't something I use an awful lot of. However, I have been told that it's amazing so I am excited to try this next time I have a soak in the bath. Along with this we got some tea tree water which I am really excited about. Being spot prone I am a big fan of tee tree products so it will be interesting to see if this product lives up to its name. We also have some eyecream, something I should probably be using more of as I get older (you can never start too early). Finally, the beard scrub I will more than likely be giving to a male in my household even though it can be used as a face scrub.

This was possibly one of my favourite gifts from the day. I couldn't have asked for a better message on my poster to be honest. I love anything decorative and this cute little pencil and poster certainly put a big smile on my face so thank you Dottie Rocks.

Finally Abbigayle put together these wonderful little organisers and aspiration jars for us to use after the event to ensure we are getting the most out of our blogging experiences. I think this was a lovely gesture as a few of the girls I spoke to noted how they weren't very organised and maybe this is something they would like to work on. I can't say I am either to be honest with working full time and trying to manage a social life too. This event has certainly motivated me to make more lists, schedule posts and socialise even further.

So there you have it. Lots of amazing goodies as you can see from some amazing brands. It was a perfect end to a perfect day in my eyes.

Are you familiar with any of the brands featured in this post?


  1. what an incredible selection of goodies, the vanilla and honey balm sounds great, the lush eye cream too, I didn't realise that they'd released one, would love to eventually see a review on this xx


  2. It was amazing! I felt so lucky, especially with this being my first ever event! I love the lip balm and the eye cream too. I will definitely get a review of this done for you chick. Thanks for stopping by again :)


  3. I would have LOVED to go. I really want to meet some local bloggers :) none of my friends are interested in the things I am (go figure) would be nice to 'feel at home' :D


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