Saturday, 13 September 2014

To New Beginnings

I love change. Routine has never been one of my strongest points. Spontaneous days in, spontaneous days out - I am not one for staying in the house and watching the world pass me by. For the last year upon graduating however I feel like my life has become exactly that, a boring monotonous routine. I don't like to sound so negative all the time but I promise you this is another positive post carrying on from one of my previous posts here.

It is only in these last few weeks that I have began to move forward in terms of my career path and becoming a responsible adult so to speak. My car is finally on the road after passing my test about a month ago and I have the freedom to go wherever I please (this is huge especially when you need to let off some steam). This week I started my new job in the communications department for a local mental health trust and so far so good. Not my dream job exactly (working in fashion and beauty comms) but nevertheless great experience for me and I get to do what I enjoy on a daily basis; write. 

Life doesn't always pan out as you wish. I think you realise this once you graduate and are faced with the reality of getting a job and funding your own life essentially. I was hoping to be living in London now after successfully landing myself a graduate job, but lo and behold I am still stuck in West Bromwich dreaming of bigger and better things. However, I am determined as ever to make something of my life and have decided to take a step back for a change. Rather than placing enormous amounts of pressure on myself, I am living for the moment and hoping everything will fall into place.

Besides starting my new job and getting my car on the road (I still can't believe I passed), I am also planning the trip of a lifetime. Next year after finishing my temporary contract as a Communications Assistant I am heading to Australia for life as an au pair. After finishing working as an au pair I am then going to be doing some serious travelling around Australia for a few months with a couple of my best friends. After this I am moving on to Asia and possibly America. I literally can not wait - it is all I have thought about for the last couple of months and is certainly something to keep me focused whilst I am stuck in West Bromwich.

I have to admit, it is difficult living at home after moving out and finding your independence at university. I know I will break away once I return from my travels (that's if I do return) but I think this in itself is enough to drive you to the brink of sanity. My house is always so manic so it will be nice to go off and do my own thing again next year. I am not making any definite decisions as of yet in terms of planning exactly where I will be and at what time of the year as I know too well how quickly things can change. For now it's more reading and counting down the days until I start my new life. For once I can say roll on 2015 without feeling like a complete idiot!


  1. wow Australia, that's awesome! then Asia then America? So jealous! It sounds like such a wonderful adventure :) Oh and congrats on passing your driving test!


    1. Thank you chick! I know I cannot wait to get out of here now. I just want to see the world!! xxx

  2. Congrats on passing your test! It's great to be on the road isn't it ☺️ Also well done on landing the job. I also just got a brand new job at Warwickshire Council

  3. As internal Comms officer. Comms jobs are really important and you're lucky to land such a great job where you are. See you later for a chat! Xx


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