Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shake it up

So last Friday I had a cheeky day off work which resulted in me lounging around the house making smoothies and catching up on some much needed TV. There is no denying the fact that I am a huge health freak, a HUGE one, so making smoothies is sort of my forte.. or at least it should be. Just lately I have jumped right back on that healthy bandwagon. I am eating much healthier than I have done in a while and am also working out a lot more too. As I had some leftover spinach and lots of fruit lying around the house, I thought I would make myself some extra green smoothies. Now there are lots of quick and tasty recipes across the internet but me being me, I decided to make up my own (no measurements required).

So to make this super delicious and of course healthy smoothie, you will need:

- A bowl of spinach
- A scoop of protein powder (I used a chocolate and nut one)
- A bowl of raspberries
- One banana 
- A handful of strawberries
- Some ice
- A teaspoon of honey
- A blender
- Some water to liquidise (you can use milk too)

Start off with your spinach
Add this to the blender
Then add the ice to form a mixture
Add your raspberries and some water (or milk) to smooth further
Add your additional fruit - banana and strawberries in my case
Add your protein powder
And blend
So there you have it, one tasty and delicious super green smoothie all made by me. This is such a simple way to use up leftover ingredients and to kick-start your healthy lifestyle. It may look a bit intimidating but honestly it doesn't taste half as bad as it looks! I really enjoy making smoothies if I am feeling run down or if I have a few spare minutes on my hand. I know a lot of people enjoy this for breakfast or as a quick and healthy snack. However you choose to enjoy yours, make it a good one.


  1. Yum! This looks insanely delicious I think. I love spinach too so the more greens the better. You've made me want to be super healthy again now x

  2. I definitely need to try making smoothies as so many people swear by them. I will have to ask Santa for a smoothie maker for Xmas.



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