Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Why I love Quorn

One of my favourite Quorn dishes - Spaghetti Bolognese
Quorn; a brand that isn't for everyone, but one that has certainly got me excited. I suppose you either love it or hate it as the cliché saying goes and I know too many people who hate it. But why? Does it really taste that bad? The answer to that is no, of course it doesn't else it wouldn't have the success it has had. People are afraid of change, the unknown but most importantly, healthy eating. I have heard too many people disregard Quorn as being a 'fungus', or turn their noses at its 'unnaturalness'. Yes, about as unnatural as that pizza and chips you are eating...

Yes, it's not meat and it is handmade but it's a whole lot healthier than a lot of products you find in the food aisles these days, and that's why I love it. I am no veggie don't get me wrong but I am a health freak so naturally I was destined to fall in love with this brand. Marketed as a 'healthy protein', this isn't just for you none meat eaters, it's for the gym lovers out there (men and women), and even for families too. There are so many delicious recipes to be found over at the Quorn website and no excuse as to what to do with your product. Even I didn't realise quite the selection they had until I did some further research online.

Some of my fave products in the Quorn brand include the Quorn mince and the Quorn sausage. By purchasing Quorn, I am able to make the dishes I love but healthier alternatives, and this is why Quorn works for me. I am sure everyone has their own stories as to why they like using Quorn products. Two of my favourite meals are sausage sandwiches and spaghetti bolognese. I am now able to enjoy a sausage sandwich on a Saturday morning after a night out without the guilt, or cook up one of my family favourites, spaghetti bolognese without the heaps of saturated fat. It's difficult to find a mince that is healthy lets admit it, even the mince with reduced saturated fat is bad for you. It's processed meat and something we need to be eating less of. Sausage, ham and bacon is the same, it's not real meat just like Quorn, the only difference being, Quorn is good for you. Their products may not taste exactly like the real thing but this is another reason why I love them - they are unique in both flavour and appearance. 

The great thing about Quorn products is that you can cook them from frozen and they don't take too long to cook either. Just take them out of your freezer and pop them in the oven for 10-20 minutes. I must also mention how cheap their products are too. You wouldn't think it but you can get a huge 500g bag of mince which is said to feed 6-7 for just £1.50. I have certainly stocked up and am always looking for new products to try. Next on my list is their meat free wafer thin ham and chicken along with their meat free burgers. I have tried their chicken pieces too but I won't be purchasing these again as I eat a lot of fresh chicken anyway and this isn't exactly bad for you.

So for anyone who loves the gym and cares about their health I recommend you trying these products,that's if you haven't already. I am obsessed by the word protein so the words 'healthy protein' do funny things to my body. Protein is not only good for rebuilding our muscles, it forms part of a balanced diet, and something we need to be eating more of.


  1. Thank you so much for this post, the number of my friends who think Quorn is disgusting when they haven't even tried it is too many. I'm a vegetarian and it's so helpful if I'm cooking for a group of people, I can make chilli, spaghetti bolognese or whatever meal I want with the substitution. Even if my friends don't want to eat the quorn version, for example I can make the bolognese sauce and split it into quorn and mince versions. It saves me so much time as I don't have to make two different meals.

    Tasha xxx sincereblonde.com

  2. I love Quorn - I only eat chicken, so quorn is a good substitute for beefy dinners. I love the meat free burgers & the sausage rolls are good too!

    Amanda | sayanythingon.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I eat mainly chicken too so it's great if you want to substitute beef. xxxxx


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