Friday, 23 January 2015

Afternoon Tea

On Saturday, it was one of my best friends birthday, and for a change, instead of getting stupidly drunk and rolling in and out of taxis, we decided to head over to Birmingham for some tea and scones (very sophisticated I know). I love my tea, and may have been even more excited than my friend at the prospect of eating my way through various cakes and sandwiches that afternoon.

The Birthday girl
After finding ourselves a bargain deal on Groupon - Tea for Two for just £7 each, we headed over to the Novotel in Birmingham. I must say I wasn't quite expecting the service we experienced that day. In this case, paying less was certainly a good thing. We were greeted by our waitress who showed us to our seats and took our beverage orders, before being presented with an array of delicious sandwiches to choose from. 

As you can see, these aren't your standard poxy finger sandwiches which you would usually expect from such an affair; these were good sized sandwiches (and lots of them). I went for the tuna and mayonnaise sandwich to start, along with a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich - both of which were delicious. The only criticism I have to offer in regards to the sandwiches is, they were all arranged on white bread. What happened to the wholemeal?!

After we had finished our sandwiches, it was time for more tea and gossip (yes we got unlimited tea refills too). Our waitress came over to take our plates and presented us with this beauty. I love cakes, but my gosh - this selection was to die for! 

We soon got stuck in to our brownies, scones and flapjacks.I couldn't manage my cheesecake so I had to leave this one (to my utter despair) - talk about sugar overload. I am very fond of my cakes and again - these didn't disappoint. I am not sure if they were home-made but they were  fresh and extremely tasty nevertheless! So all in all, a successful afternoon. No fancy cake stand or selection of teas which you may find at your more traditional afternoon tea experience, but for just £7 you cant complain. I would definitely recommend you check this place out if you'e after a fairly inexpensive afternoon tea experience, or even just a quick catch up with your loved ones.


  1. So this made me very hungry. Look at those scones!! x

    1. They were delicious! Definitely got to do this again sometime!



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