Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year`s Eve | What To Wear?

What to wear on New Year`s Eve is a question the majority of us probably asked ourselves last night. Well it is the most hyped up night of the year after all. I personally despise going out on New Year`s Eve for these simple reasons; the drinks are overpriced, the clubs are crammed so full that you can’t even breathe, and the taxis triple the usual price they usually charge. To be honest I would have a much better night sitting at home with a bottle of wine, a few friends and a good film (yes I realise this makes me sound old and boring).

However I guarantee that like me you did end up going out somewhere and over thinking every detail of your outfit because if you can’t look good on New Year, when can you look good? It is the time to go all out, to treat yourself to a new outfit and spend a ridiculous amount of time perfecting your look before you spend another ridiculous amount on the actual night itself. The pressure to go out and spend your night with complete strangers baffles me as isn’t that what the Christmas period is all about after all, spending time with loved ones? Once again I was left on New Year’s Eve still deciding on where I would go out, never mind an outfit.

Anyway to cut to the chase, this is the outfit I decided to wear last night, a LBD (little black dress) a classic look when you can’t be bothered to look for something new or are having a last minute fashion crisis where nothing looks good! With a good pair of heels and some simple jewellery I recreated this look, one that I wore for New Year back in 2011. In actual fact I think this was the first Christmas and New Year that I didn’t buy a new outfit specifically for these events. Yet is there really any point these days on splashing out on a dress that you don’t really need or will wear again. I despise buying things for the sake of it and often will recreate looks to get my money’s worth even if means having photos of me in the same outfit on Facebook twice!



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