Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mothering Sunday | OOTD

So it was Mothering Sunday last weekend as I am sure you are all aware, a celebration of those nearest and dearest to us; our very own mother hens. As you may already know I'm not a huge fan of 'national holidays' as such. I mentioned previously in my Valentine's post that I am a firm believer in the old saying- love should be celebrated all year round (cringe I know). However saying this, I do think it's nice to set some time aside to celebrate your loved ones. Sometimes it's easy to forget that if it wasn't for our mothers, we wouldn't be here so thanks mum! I am very close to my mum and Mother's Day only allows me to reaffirm my love and appreciation for my mother, something I don't do often enough.

My mother being her usual organised self booked herself, my grandma and I a table at restaurant Bellajio, a new set of Italian restaurants in the heart of West Bromwich and Dudley. Now I have been to this restaurant once before for my 21st Birthday last year so I already had very high expectations. As this was a special occasion they had a Mother's Day special on the menu which consisted of two courses; a Sunday roast and a starter for just £10 which I thought was incredible. I went for the mushroom in a creamy sauce to start with which was really tasty and the turkey, new potatoes and veg for my main which again, was also delicious. For just £10 I could not complain, this meal was both filling and enjoyable. A very relaxed atmosphere with a bunch of friendly Italian staff, this restaurant is certainly one not to be missed if you are in the area.

The Starter
The Main Course
As this was a beautiful day I decided I would dress suitably for the occasion. After sorting through my bundles of clothes the other day, I came across these beauties (trousers). I love it when I forget I have an item of clothing which comes back into fashion. That's one of the best things about my wardrobe, I am forever finding clothes from years ago which I haven't worn but still look as good as new. These pair of cigarette trousers are one of those treasures. I think I purchased these from River Island last year but these sorts of trousers are very stylish at the moment and make the perfect transition from Winter into Spring. Topped with a white shirt from Primark and a white blazer, again Primark, this outfit oozes class. I absolutely love spring as you can ditch that big winter coat and finally start showing off some of your outfits (no more hiding under heaps of layers ladies). A white blazer is definitely a wardrobe essential especially during these warmer months when it still may not be warm enough for just a t-shirt and shorts.

I teamed this outfit with my favourite watch which you have probably seen on too many occasions now, a simple gold necklace from Topshop and my white geek shoes which I adore, again Topshop. This is the first time I have worn these shoes but they are so cute and remind me of shoes I used to wear at primary school. I guess you could call these vintage to some extent..or maybe not. I think these shoes look really work well with these sorts of trousers and add that final touch to a simple yet sophisticated outfit.

That's all for now!

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