Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Life Of An Intern | Networking

So I started my first ever Intern just a couple of weeks ago at Creative Academies, a non profit organisation in the West Midlands. In a hope to gain some experience within my chosen field of work, this being marketing and PR, I was finally given the chance to learn some more about the industry. As mentioned in some of my previous blog posts even getting an Intern these days can prove to be quite difficult, so as you can imagine I was very grateful when director Jerrel Jackson decided to take me on along with three others Interns. Even though originally I wanted to gain some experience in the fashion and beauty PR sector, I think just Interning generally is good as it enables you to not only pick up some valuable skills, it also provides you with the chance to network and build a list of contacts within the industry.

The Creative Curriculum
Also the fashion and beauty PR sector is mainly based in London and without somewhere to stay this can prove to be quite pricey when travelling back and forth. My plan of action now is to gain as much experience whilst living at home and then move to London once I have secured a paid job. So what do I do as a marketing Intern you may be wondering. Well my role is mainly to update social media platforms and check for user activity when increasing sales within the business. The organisation as noted is non profit so it is all about giving back to the community and works closely with the local community and children using creativity to inspire learning. In fact my director on Friday won an award for Young Educator of the year as part of Inspire Birmingham. This is not only an outstanding achievement, it will also hopefully bring in more funding which will result in more business. At the moment the company is quite small and unrecognised so getting the message out there about the company is vital and this is where I come in...

The Company's Goals
I have a keen interest in social media and this is an industry that seems to be growing by the second. I can't wait to get involved with some of the upcoming projects at Creative Academies and I am sure there will be a lot to learn along the way too. The one thing I really love about this company is that Jerrel the director really allows me to have a voice which is unusual for an Intern as you will find in most companies you have to take a back seat. I am able to have a real impact on this company's growth and this is experience money cannot buy.

If you are reading this and think this sounds like something you want to be a part of, get emailing companies and do not take no for an answer. Working for free isn't all that bad and a lot of the time there may be a full time paid role waiting at the end of your placement. Make an impact and take home the rewards.

Happy Interning! 


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