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Glastonbury Essentials | Glastonbury 2014

So I have nearly finished packing for the biggest festival of the year but what really is essential that you pack and what should you just leave at home?

First and foremost, no festival is complete without a good pair of wellies. Yes - with it being England you can't rely on the sun making an appearance even in the middle of summer so don't forget to pack these beauties or you will seriously regret it! I think mine are from ASDA but any sort of wellies will do. I think rain is forecast for over the weekend (typical Glastonbury style) so even more reason to prepare!

My wellies are very similar to these 
Secondly in addition to a good pair of wellies, you will probably need some sort of wellie socks or in my case footy socks. Due to the fact that I was a little bit behind on my packing, I didn't have the time to go out searching for wellie socks so I decided to use my initiative and head to good old Sports Direct. Good job too as my friend said she paid up to £20 for hers - ridiculously overpriced. I managed to grab two pairs of football socks for just £4 - bargain!

Next on my list has to be a good waterproof coat or rain mac. Again mine is from Sports Direct and it may not be the most flattering of coats but as long as it keeps me dry I am not too fussed. Hopefully I wont be needing this too much... I say this as the sun is beaming down on me whilst writing this very sentence... 

This waterproof from Sports Direct is sure to keep you dry
I think a hat and a pair of sunglasses have to be next. You have to be prepared for every type of weather scenario as they say and this includes the glorious sunshine (I hope this doesn't jinx it). I am going to be taking a pair of sunglasses and a hat from the wonderful Primark (no festival is complete without a Primark haul). Remember it's not recommended to take your best clothes to any festival, never mind Glastonbury. You're bound to lose something along the way and whether this is a pair of sunglasses, a hat or a can of cider I don't think you'll be too bothered if it's not worth a lot.

Next is of course alcohol. With this being the only festival that allows you to take alcohol into the arena, I think its fair to say you should stock up well - you would be silly not to. I purchased two crates of cider for just £18 from Tesco along with some vodka which I will be taking in plastic bottles along with a mixer of my choice (cranberry in my case). Remember glass bottles are strictly forbidden on camp so don't make the mistake of turning up with a litre of Smirnoff unless you want to get it confiscated.

Food-well this comes hand in hand with alcohol especially on those mornings when your'e feeling worse for wear. If you're anything like myself, going away and not having your home comforts can be quite a daunting experience. What am I going to eat she screams... Well luckily Glastonbury has a whole range of food outlets so at least I won't have to face the greasy burger vans every morning like you do at some festivals. However, if you want to prepare for the worst and save some cash in doing so then it's always good to stock up on snacks (one of my favourite words). My list so far include cereal bars, bread, apples, banana bread, beans, bananas, crisps and noodles. Of course if you like to think of yourself as one of the more experienced campers, then of course you can take all this in a cool bag and even throw in a stove to do some cooking on.

One of my favourites - Nature Valley
Money and ticket - well you wouldn't get very far without these two crucial items. I think I am going to take about £200 just to be on the safe side but with my alcohol already sorted I doubt I will end up spending all of this. Of course it's good to have ID too just to prove that beautiful photo of yours is you on your ticket. Glastonbury is very strict with it's ticket policy so it's best to be on the safe side and have more than one form of ID if you can. In my case this is a must as I have changed my hair so many times none of my photos tend to look like me any more! Quite embarrassing when you're 22 and get questioned about your ID at every bar I must add.

I don't know why I left this one until the end but baby wipes -  any sort of wipe in fact that you can have a good cleanse with will do. I am a clean freak so going without a shower for 5 days will probably leave me in tears. However with my baby wipes at hand I am sure I will get by somehow...

You don't want to be forgetting these in a hurry

Antibacterial gel - I cannot stress how important this is ladies!!! I carry this around with me in my handbag on a daily basis so I am sure it is bound to come in handy at this notoriously unhygienic festival. I am going to stock up on some more of this tomorrow just to ensure I don't have any emergencies.

One of my favourites but any hand gel will do
A cheap phone - I am taking my dads as I have misplaced my old Samsung one but any sort of phone will do as long as you don't mind losing it. Remember the older it is the more likely it is to stay alive! You don't want to be running around having to find somewhere to charge it on the first day. Having a phone handy is crucial if you are to get lost or lose your friends. Take it from my own personal experience, searching for hours for a tent that looks the same as the last 100 you past isn't the most enjoyable. 

This not only smells great- it also gives your hair a new leash of life!
Dry shampoo - another must have for you ladies out there who worry about looking half decent at this muddy festival. I love dry shampoo and will be getting through plenty of this during my stay I'm sure. 

Hopefully the ones nobody will forget - a tent, a pillow and a decent sleeping bag. I have decided to pack two sleeping bags this year as I hate being cold and no doubt I will be moaning if it is. I am relying on my friend to bring our tent along with some chairs in case it gets wet. Hopefully I won't play any part in setting this up either as I am useless when it comes to building things!

Is it a tent or is a house?
I am sure there are many many other items which one would class as 'essentials' but these are the main few I can think of at the moment. I am even more certain that I will return with a whole new list after experiencing this festival for the first time. But for now it's time to finish packing and start catching up on as much sleep as possible - I am sure I will be grateful by the start of next week on my return! For more information on what to pack and what not to, head over to the official Glastonbury page. See you all soon!



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