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What happened to the days when we were able to choose the music we wanted to listen to? The days when it was easy to distinguish between a pop and rock radio station? Just lately I've been getting really agitated by the lack of talent on our radio stations and not forgetting the TV. As an aspiring musician myself I know too well how hard it is to get on in the music industry these days. My dad, founder of rock band Judas Priest is forever going on about the changes in the music industry. 'It's not he same as it used to be in my days' he says 'people have turned to technology rather than playing live instruments'. Yes my dad may be in his sixties now but I wholeheartedly agree with him. Don't get me wrong I love the occasional dance hit and have been to fair share of 'raves' over the past couple of years, but there is no denying the fact that this music is not real talent. What it is however is a  DJ who has mixed a couple of similar sounding tracks together along with some mediocre vocals to probably deaf out the repetitive sound of the drum machine.

Mumford and Son's-Not everybody's cup of tea but at least they can play instruments!
To say that I genuinely used to look forward to the likes of The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent a couple of years ago and one day even dreamed of going on one of these shows is something I now feel somewhat embarrassed about. I now see past all the false exterior of these sorts of shows. Ever since I started uploading my own covers to Youtube and taking an interest in writing my own material, I've started to really appreciate the beauty of new and upcoming artists. Talented musicians who aren't getting the recognition they deserve because they don't want to embarrass themselves on these sorts of shows. However, some people see this as their last chance to make it, their only shot at fame. Fair enough, I get it if your in your fifties and have been longing to get up close and personal to the man that is Mr Simon Cowell, but if you are a talented artist going on one of these shows is potentially musical suicide. Simon Cowell's kingdom - something too many of us are feeding daily. The influence this man has in the music industry is shocking to say the least. How do we compete with someone who has the power to produce artists such as One Direction? How do we indeed...

The man himself - Mr Simon Cowell
Saying that, my cousin went on The Voice last year and even though he hasn't had much success from it, it was great to see something different on our TV screens - this being rock music; not something we see an awful lot of today. Too many artists these days are scared to take risks, to try something different. They would rather follow in the footsteps of others when really being different is what actually gets you somewhere. Take Lady Gaga for example - not to everybody's taste but a very distinctive artist in regards to her image and her style of music. This is another thing my dad has taught me - today in order to make it you have to have 'the look'. Something that makes you stand out from the crowd, whether this be a pair of round glasses like Ozzy Osborne or a beehive on the top of your head like Amy Winehouse. These are classic artists who will recognised in years to come unlike One Direction who have no real image and no talent (yes I am not a big fan of 1D if you hadn't noticed). If you're screaming at your computer screen right now, I hope fifty years down the line you remember this very blog post.

My cousin on The Voice in 2013
As well as 'the look' sometimes it's  also about the right  time, right place. Maybe if my dad stayed with Judas Priest that little while younger he would now be sitting in the Bahamas sipping on their finest Rum rather than sitting in West Bromwich downing some cheap ale. So yes my point is, if there is a gap in the market and you are able to fill that gap, do not give up! Just don't listen to the likes of Simon Cowell and all the other idiots out there who may tell you that you're not good enough or that you should alter what sort of music you are passionate about just to fit in with what is currently in fashion. I personally would like to see heavy metal brought back to the UK but will anybody be brave enough? And when I say heavy metal I am talking Led Zepplin Judas Priest sort of style. But what I really want more than anything is to see more of a variety of musical genres on our radio shows, at festivals, and on our TV screens. I want to see more up and coming talent rather than your generic pre pubic pop music. 

Atkins May project-My dad's latest conquer
I for one have stopped watching these sorts of shows, not because I think I am better than them but because they don't produce artists, they produce commodities and this is something I never want to be. I love music but I love music because of its meaning, the feeling it gives me, not because of its popularity. However today this is essentially what it comes down to - we are no longer able to choose the music we want to hear because we genuinely don't have much choice. The same songs appear to be on repeat on every single radio station! Okay I may be exaggerating slightly there but there is no denying the huge cross over of genres lately and the atrocious music that is being produced as a result. Of course there are your exceptions including the likes of Lana Del Rey and London Grammar for example who have broken through in the industry just lately, yet the ratio of these rare artists to the amount of talentless freaks on our radio and TV's is quite shocking. They have nothing on the classics produced in the 60's, 70's and 80's as I am sure many of you would agree and therefore the music industry is going downhill. Artists today have a lot to live up to but also a lot to gain too. I just hope the big dogs like Simon remember why they are being paid... for they musical ability that is.


  1. Amen to that! I like a good boy band as much as the next person, but I like them to have personality and a little bit of uniqueness about them. When I was younger I knew every word to every song in the charts, nowadays I turn on the music channel and usually have to ask my 10 year old what they just said. I wish we could turn the clocks back 10-15 years or so and steer music in a different direction. Oh, and knock that massive crown off Simon Cowell's great big head ;)

    Louise x

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    1. I have never been a fan of boy bands tbh which explains the hatred I feel towards 1D I guess! I know take me back. I was born in the 90's but I love the 60's and the 80's so much! Music isn't the same nowadays. Saying that I am heading to Glastonbury next week so will be interesting to see what that's like! xx


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