Saturday, 7 February 2015

The REAL benefits of being single - Valentine's Special

Come on - it's not all bad. I see numerous of these posts - us single girls trying to convince ourselves (and others) that we are fine on our own - we are independent women and don't need a man to make us. So I thought, with Valentine's day just around the corner, I would have a go at writing one of my own. I am calling this:

The REAL benefits of being single

  1. Being single allows one to do whatever the hell they want, when they want, and with who they want. Nobody wants somebody waiting up for them at the end of the night lets face it. All we want to do after a night on the town is face plant the pillow anyway...
  2. You are able to spend money on yourself and whoever else you choose. No 'let's split the bill' or xmas presents to buy for (get in).
  3. You can speak to other guys. This is strictly forbidden in any relationship, even though you've known the guy for going on ten years and used to share a bath in like year 1..
  4. You have so much time to do what the hell you want. Did I mention TIME!!!!!?
  5. You can spend more time with family and friends. One less person to worry about when planning your exciting weeks worth of events. YAY!
  6. You don't have to think about marriage or babies or a mortgage. I am still 18 in my head...Don't talk to me about 'settling' down please!
  7. You have time to go off and find yourself. Yes, travelling is a must for us single ladies out there. No point getting too comfortable now. You have another 40 years plus of work. That in itself is enough to bring on a mid life crisis.
  8. You have more time to go to the gym and work on that sexy body of yours.. Yes, us women like to look good for ourselves believe it or not. You can look but you can't touch! 
  9. No more tears or pining. You are a free woman with no emotional ties to any other male on this planet (who are we kidding)...
  10. Remember there's always tinder, or pof if all else fails... 
So there you go. If that's not going to cheer you up on a cold winters evening, then I don't know what will! Here's to being single (for a good few more years at least). Cheers!


  1. I couldn't agree more with this post! I love being single, it's the best thing. I agree with all your points, not to mention having your own space and not having to share the bed haha!

    Kourtney |

    1. I love being single too! Thank you for stopping by. Having your own space is the best. I hate living at home again after moving out to Uni. I am going travelling soon though so freedom again!



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