Sunday, 2 March 2014

Live At The LG | Queen BEE

I am so lucky, I got to see the Queen herself again just the other night (third time now) and what a thrilling experience it was AGAIN!!!!!! The Queen being Beyonce of course. Let me just start by saying how obsessed I am with this woman, it is crazy, I think I tweet about her fine ass at least twice a day. I know she has a huge fan base but I am a devoted BEE fan through and through (dating back to the Destiny's Child days of course). When I heard she was returning to Birmingham I think I screamed with joy. Unfortunately for me when the tickets went on sale I was in Amsterdam so I didn't get the chance to sit at my laptop and currently refresh the ticket sale page, and as expected the tickets sold out in a matter of minutes! It was only thanks to my wonderful mother that I was able to get my hands on some tickets at a later date but obviously at a much bigger cost. Annoying I know but well worth breaking the bank over (she says now)..

My mother who has accompanied me for the past three years came along again with her best friend this time, but of course I lost them in the crowd. My friends and I however got right to the front (well near enough), four rows to be precise and as you can imagine, we had the most amazing view! I cannot begin to describe how beautiful this woman is, inside and outside, she literally takes my breath away. Her voice, her body and her dancing is always always on point! I love her new album and the heat was definitely turned up a notch this yet, a few more revealing outfits and saucy dance moves made this concert complete. All in all a brilliant night despite it finishing with BEE singing happy birthday to a member of the audience and not having an encore... Don't ask! I love you Miss Carter! 



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