Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bradgate Park

I love days out with my family. We don't get to do it very often but this weekend was the perfect excuse for a get together - the sun was shining and we were all free so we decided on a trip to Bradgate park in Leicestershire near my eldest brother's new home. I didn't make a concious decision to take any pictures of myself so excuse my hair as it was extremely windy. 

Family get together
The old ruins
The deer

Just chilling 
Feeling rather summery
Rucksack at the ready
The wind definitely caught me in this one
I managed to get some great shots of the family and I in the mist of the countryside. We had such a lovely day out eating our little home-made picnic, watching the deer and letting our two Labradors off their leash. After this it was back to my brothers for a well deserved cup of tea and a slice of cake (this has become a family tradition now when we pay my brother a visit). I was well and truly zonked out by the time we got home from the endless walking but this didn't stop me going out after to see my friends. The country air must have done me some good...

Do you get out much with your family? Where is the last place you visited?


  1. I grew up in Leicester and I used to go here as a kid. It was eleven miles from my Mum's place, and my sister andI with a group of friends walked there once, amazingly, my Vans survived. I've never seen that many deers there! I'll have to go again, even though I've moved, they're so cute!


  2. this looks like such a lovely day out! i dont usually hang out with my family like this, i would love to though... everyone always has such busy schedules! :/


  3. I recently went camping at the beach with my family! It was so much fun and we took so many pictures that I'll of course share on my blog next week :) Glad to see you had fun with your family!

    Every Day In Grace


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