Friday, 1 August 2014

Double Denim | OOTD

It's been a while since I've posted one of these, probably due to how busy I have been just lately with work and applying for new jobs. So seeing as it was my day off and the sun was shining I decided this was the perfect opportunity to put an outfit together and get my camera out. Yesterday I visited Drayton manor theme park with my family and this is what I wore.

To start with,  my shorts which are from Topshop are some of my personal favourites. I love anything american related so I make sure these make an appearance during those summer months. I have had these a good couple of years now but this doesn't stop me wearing them - I am big lover of bringing old clothes to life years down the line. Along with this my top which I purchased in the states funnily enough is from a little department store in Philadelphia. I love this Billabong vest top for various reasons. First off, the symbol on the front reminds me of something from Egypt which is pretty cool. The back of this top has to be my favourite feature though. It has slits running down either side and I must admit is quite revealing but very sexy. Unfortunately I haven't got any pictures to show you which was a bit silly of me but I will make sure I get some for you next time. Finally, my denim jacket, a recent purchase from New Look is something I can't get enough of at the moment - it literally goes with anything! A life saver when you need something to pop over your little dress or shirt during those cooler evenings.

To finish, as you can see I have gone for a little black rucksack which is a recent purchase from Primark. Very cute and handy too on those days when you're out and about. Surprisingly I managed to fit nearly half of my original handbags contents in here which if you saw the size of my handbag you wouldn't believe for a second! I must also mention my hair which I have half tied up in a bun, a style I am loving at the moment. It not only gets the hair off my face during those warmer days, it also looks awfully cute!

That's it from me today. Thanks for reading lovelies!! 


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