Sunday, 24 August 2014

Clinque Anti - Blemish Solutions

My skin has been awful just lately. I don't know if it's due to stress or just pure laziness on my behalf but I have come out in lots of unwanted breakouts and by that I mean SPOTS. That dreaded word nobody wants to be thinking about past the age of 20. I have always had pretty bad skin and suffered from mild acne in my teens. Like any normal teenager, I tried anything and everything to clear my skin. The only thing that really worked for me however was the combined pill as recommended by my doctor.  In my case it was a lot to do with hormone imbalance. However, along the way I have found a few skincare products that are lifesavers when it comes to cleansing your skin and freeing it from acne. One of these being the anti- blemish skincare range by Clinique. 

I first starting purchasing Clinique products when I was around 17. I went to see one of the specialists at Debenhams who sat me down and did a skin test on me. Turns out, I have combination skin which if you didn't know means I can get quite oily on my T zone areas particularly. The specialist recommended I try Clinique's anti - blemish solution foundation and after matching one of their foundations to my skin perfectly I purchased it there and then along with the rest of the products in the collection. Now everyone loves seeing results but I didn't expect my skin to change so rapidly in such a short amount of time.

The skincare regime is so easy and well worth the money. There are three steps in total to this regime. Step 1 requires a quick wash in the morning with the anti - blemish cleansing foam followed by Step 2, a small amount of the clarifying lotion to tone your skin afterwards. The final step of course is to moisturise. Just a tiny amount of the anti - blemish clearing moisturiser and you are finished. Please note, the other products in these pictures are extras I have purchased along the way. These include the spot treatment gel and moisture surge intense skin hydrator.

Step 1 and Step 2 of your cleansing regime
Start by using the cleansing foam
Then move on to the clarifying lotion. Just a small amount on a cotton wool ball will suffice.
Next, just a little bit of the clearing moisturiser will work wonders on your spots.

I tend to follow the exact same routine after taking by make-up off, just before bed as for me leftover make-up on my face causes havoc with my skin. After a couple of weeks you should start to notice a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. Redness should be reduced, pores should be cleansed and most importantly, spots should be starting to clear.

Have you ever tried Clinique products? What products do you swear by for cleaner healthier looking skin?


  1. I use this entire routine everyday and love it, Clinique has done wonders for my skin!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


    1. It is amazing!!!! I swear by this routine. Forget any other skincare routines. Clinique offer something for everyone. Thanks for stopping by xox


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