Friday, 22 August 2014

Running | Free your mind

This summer has been a good one you have to admit it. Weeks of glorious sunshine can only mean one thing, lots of time spent outdoors. Now as you know, I love to keep fit and visit the gym at least 3 times a week now. However, the gym is not a nice place to be when it's hot and sticky. I haven't felt like I have been getting the most out of my workout just lately because of how hot it's been (I blame the air con) but who wants to be working out indoors anyway when it's so sunny outside? I know I don't! I love the classes at the gym don't get me wrong and I have seen a huge difference in my body shape since participating in these regularly, but there is something about being out in the open and running; opening my mind and completely shutting out the outside world. I have always wanted to run a marathon (I take after my dad) and one day I will make this happen but for now it's one or two couple mile runs a week to keep me occupied on a late summer's evening.

I mentioned in my last post about how I have been feeling down just lately and how I have been hoping to turn this around. I haven't had the best of luck but things are starting to look up again. I go on holiday next week and start my new job shortly after. Plus I have been sorting out lots of travelling plans for next year. However, on those days when I was feeling sorry for myself, exercise was at hand to perk me up. I know how easy it is to get yourself stuck in a rut when you feel like nothing is going your way and how easy it is to become unmotivated but nothing motivates me more than working out. I never knew how therapeutic running could be but honestly it has done wonders to my negative mindset. Obviously I am making the most of running outdoors (the treadmill doesn't count) before the bad weather comes but I think even running in the rain has something special about it.

After a long day at work or maybe a lazy one around the house, just a 30 minute 3 mile run does me the world of good. Not only does it allow me to let off some steam and free my over-active mind, it also helps me to sleep easier after suffering from insomnia for over a year now.

Lightweight clothing will make 

Biceps are coming along just nicely
Don't forget your water
A few light weights to finish off my workout
So here's what I usually wear when I go running. My trainers may I add are a godsend. A word of advice - always invest in proper running shoes if you are thinking about taking up running even if it's a subtle jog as opposed to a long distance run. I wear these to the gym too but I can't stress enough how much of a difference this will make to your performance. I am a big lover of running shoes and there are so many amazing ones on the market today - so many colours and varieties which is transforming the once ugly gym look. I dread to think what I used to wear to the gym five years ago!

Do excuse the bloating on these pics. I am feeling a bit body concious at the moment but after a few more weeks of hardcore training, I hope to have my toned physique back once again. 

Do you enjoy running or do you prefer working out at the gym? What do you like to wear?


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