Saturday, 25 January 2014

2014 Wish List

Right, so as you may have already noticed, I am having lots and lots of great ideas for my blog just lately, but not enough time to actually sit down and put them together! However, this evening I have decided I would dedicate an hour or so of my time to focus on sharing with you my latest creation, my 2014 wish list, (this one has been a long time coming). Now let me just say that this wish list is not 100% realistic, some of the things on this list will be way out of my budget, but this is why it is called a wish list. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to own all these things on this list, or maybe not…

So firstly and most realistically, this year, actually no, sometime very very soon I will be purchasing my very own Mac lipstick. Mac is a brand every girl out there seems to love, including myself. The products are not only stunning; they are very high quality too. A Mac obsessed friend of mine introduced me to this lovely shade of lipstick and I instantly fell in love! If I'm truly honest, I used to be afraid of wearing lipstick due to the fear of smudging it all over my face, but now I have perfected the look so to speak, I am truly starting to see the benefits of a good lippy (or two). I have noticed a lot of girls going ‘all out’ lately with the darker shades of lipstick including dark reds, dark purples and even black. Heroine is the name of this shade of lipstick and what a lovely shade it is, perfect for adding a splash of colour to those dark winter nights. At £15 this is a beauty steal and one I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Secondly on my wish list is a designer watch, preferably Michael Kors, a brand I have always been fond of. Today it seems like everyone has a Michael Kors watch but I still can’t help but love them! I found this particular one on the official website and I really like it. The pink face adds a splash of colour to what could have been a rather plain looking watch. This comes in at just £180 which isn't too bad considering the designer tag. Big watches are very much in at the moment as mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, and Michael Kors certainly does a good job of making gold bling look classy as opposed to trashy! Their statement watches really add that final touch to any outfit, day or night.

Thirdly I would love a designer clutch. After a recent trip to Harrods in London and a few hours spent drooling over some of the very best looking handbags and clutches, I found this little beauty. At £1,345.00 obviously this is one thing on my list that may have to take a back seat, for the time being anyway. A skull obsessed bag lover, this clutch is to die for! I am a big fan of Alexandera Mcqueen and what a stunning work of art this is. Contemporary and stylish, this clutch will add that final sparkle to any evening. The pure leather material and Swarovski crystals certainly make this one of the more glamorous clutch bags on the market, and may even make up for that ridiculous price tag. I don’t usually do clutch bags due to the fact that I'm very clumsy and always end up leaving them lying around, however the knuckle duster on this one will allow you to keep a close grip on this little beauty all night long. 

I have seen a lot of pastel coloured coats hit the high street lately and I can’t help but love them. Not for the faint hearted, this baby blue pastel coat is available from ASOS, and what a little beauty it is! Great for adding a splash of colour to any dark winter outfit, this coat also allows you to make that transition into spring that little bit easier. A delicate looking coat, I really love the fluffy texture and cocoon shape, and think it would look great teamed with a pair of dark jeans and some black Chelsea boots, or even a cute little play-suit and a pair of black tights. At £85 I think this coat may be a little overpriced as it isn't something you could wear every day. However, I really do love the colour and think it would make a classic look year in year out. Patel colours are always in fashion, not necessarily around this time of year, but certainly in the spring and summer and therefore that £85 will probably end up being money well spent.

I have been longing for a pair of new trainers for a while now but in particular some new Nike ones. I have seen so many cool trainers pop up on my Instagram feed just lately, probably due to all the fitness groups I am following but I'm loving it! Who says you can’t look good at the gym? Okay a face full of make-up and a pair of see through leggings is certainly not the look you want to be going for, but a good pair of trainers, a well fitted sports bra and a cute pair of yoga pants is definitely on the cards. I love the range of women’s Nike trainers on the market today and even if you're not a gym fanatic like me, you can certainly wear these trainers on a day to day basis, they’re both trendy and fun. Now £130 may seem a lot to pay for a pair of trainers but you really are paying for the great set of features when it comes down to these sorts of trainers. Finely designed to give you not just the support you need, but the perfect amount of cushioning, these trainers are built with reflective visibility, perfect if you like jogging on these dark winter nights. Not only this, these particular trainers also allow you to play around with the actual design on the website. If you fancy a pair of pink trainers with white soles and a green tick nick, then a pair of pink trainers with white soles and a green nick tick you will get. Cool, lightweight and bang on trend, these Nike LunarGlide 5 trainers are a must have!



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