Monday, 13 January 2014

It's Glorious Darling | Soap And Glory

So I have decided to dedicate a blog post solely to this brand as it is definitely worth its own recognition. Soap & Glory has to be one of my favourite beauty brands (yes I say favourite/fave a lot!). Ever since my brother's girlfriend introduced me to the little beauty back in 2009 and I purchased my first ever ‘The Scrub Of Your Life’ exfoliating   product I have been hooked!

So as you can see I am building quite the collection here. Luckily for me Christmas brought me many lovely gifts including an array of new Soap & Glory products (thanks again to my brother and his girlfriend). Very exciting! As you can see this includes ‘The Scrub Of Your Life’ exfoliating product, ‘Butter Yourself’ body cream, ‘Foam Call’ Body wash and ‘Calm One Calm All’ Body lotion. 

So what do I have to say about these products and why do I rate them so highly? Well for starters these are really attractive looking goods; I love the vintage feel the designs have as well as the sheer amount of pink used on each design. I think this is the main reason why I was drawn to the brand in the first place if I'm honest.

As well as this, a cute little description is offered on how to use the product and what super ingredients it includes. By the way, don’t let the somewhat overwhelming amount of pink put you off ladies, this is a very prestigious brand and you certainly get luxury as well as good value for your money. I am certainly not exaggerating when I say that not only do these products look amazing, they smell amazing too leaving your skin looking and feeling wonderful! Another benefit of these products is that they are suitable for all skin types (take it from a person who has sensitive skin and is allergic to a lot of bath products). 

I think the name says it all really so if you haven’t already purchased one of Soap & Glory's, products make it one of your priorities to do so this year.

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