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After working on a weight loss camp in America in 2012, my love for fitness and nutrition increased even more, something I did not think was possible. Motivating others to lose weight through the use of a healthy diet and the right amount of exercise was an extremely rewarding experience, and one I will never forget. Today I have set up this blog in the hope to again inspire others, (give them tips on how to look great without breaking the bank), but most importantly make them feel good about their bodies whilst making the most out of their assets. Yes, those of you who know me may well be thinking, ‘she can talk’ and yes I admit I am one to talk! My struggle with weight over the years is one I wouldn't wish on anyone, however I now understand better than ever what it means to be healthy and how to maintain a desirable body weight. Right now I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been in terms of my appearance. I've come a long way and it hasn't been easy but what it has been is achievable.

Let’s get straight to it then and talk about the dreaded D word- my diet. I am always raving on about this word. An obsessed foodie, I love my food just as much as the next person but I know exactly what I should be eating and what I shouldn't, something you may struggle with. Is a jacket potato with cheese and beans really that healthy and what happens if I cut carbs out of my diet altogether you may be wondering. Rest assured I am here to explain all...


For me this 99.9% of the time consists of a bowl of wholegrain porridge with a chopped up banana, a handful of blueberries and a teaspoon of honey. I use water to make my porridge but you can use skimmed milk if you want to add some extra flavour. Also if you aren't keen on my choice of fruit you can use alternatives, these are just my preferences.

Other breakfast options may include:

One or two boiled eggs on two small pieces of wholemeal toast with low fat margarine.

Protein pancakes made with 1.5 scoops of chocolate protein, 2 egg whites, a small amount of flour to thicken and a banana (or any other HEALTHY recipe). This particular recipe should make roughly 4/5 small pancakes but obviously you can alter this accordingly.

A bowl of muesli with skimmed milk/natural yoghurt and some added fruit (why not).

If you’re one of those people who doesn't do breakfast, then try a piece of wholemeal toast spread with organic low fat peanut butter (trust me this is heavenly).

Or alternatively you could make a healthy smoothie using any fruits or pure fruit juices you may have lying around, along with a spoonful of natural yoghurt or a splash of skimmed milk. You can always make it sweeter by adding some honey if you have a natural sweet tooth like me, or even add some spinach to give it that extra kick.


Lunch which is usually eaten at work consists of a pre packed wholemeal sandwich (pitta, wrap, bread, whatever you desire just make sure it is wholemeal) loaded with chicken breast and salad (minus any dressing unless I'm feeling naughty).

Alternatives to this may include a jacket potato with beans or tuna and some side salad (no cheese or a small heaping of low fat cheese/cottage cheese).

An omelette made me with 2/3 eggs and a splash of skimmed milk along with a filling of your choice (chicken, low fat cheese, vegetables). I usually cook this using fry light or coconut oil staying away from high fat vegetable oils as these can add hundreds of calories to your meal. In fact if I can stay away from frying any of my food then I will. I much prefer baking my food, scrambled eggs being another alternative to an omelette, something you can do in the microwave without the use of oil.

Wholemeal pasta and chicken with a low fat sauce (tomato based preferably). You could add some side salad or some vegetables to the dish to turn this into a healthier alternative or even add a small helping of low fat cheese to give it some extra flavour.

Pitta pizza- a recipe taken from camp. For this you will need a wholemeal base (pitta) some tomato purée, low fat cheese and some rocket (you can add other toppings too but make sure any meats are cooked beforehand).

Home-made soup- an easy way of getting your 5 a day in one dish. All you will need are some vegetables, seasoning, water and stock, oh and of course a blender. Try sweet potato and butter-nut squash if you fancy something different, this is both tasty and nourishing.

Beans on toast- surprisingly not as bad as you think. Just remember to use wholemeal toast with low fat margarine along with reduced salt baked beans if you can.


For dinner I usually stick to chicken or turkey (turkey being the leaner healthier meat) which is my main source of protein. Then I will have a small amount of carbs (handful) such as wholemeal pasta, brown rice or a sweet potato. For my source of veg I love using mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, broccoli or if I am feeling lazy I will have some side salad.

I also like red meat which mainly includes a lean piece of steak which I have alongside a jacket potato/sweet potato and side salad. It is important to get your weekly intake of red meats too when ensuring you have enough iron in your diet.

I also make a lot of home-made favourites such as spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne and chicken curry. However instead of using mince meat I will use Quorn products. I also use wholemeal carb alternatives including brown rice and whole wheat pasta, and of course I cut out the sides (yes that unfortunately means the bread).

Chicken/prawn stir fry packed full of healthy vegetables and a low calorie sauce. I also am hooked on rice noodles which are very low in fat and act as a great source of carbohydrates.

Chicken wholemeal wraps with vegetables of your choice (peppers and onions are great) alongside a low calorie dressing.

Some sort of fish which for me usually consists of cod as I am not a big fan of seafood unfortunately, brown rice and vegetables. If you are feeling lazy don’t forget you can use frozen vegetables. Even though these aren't as nutritious, they still count towards your 5 a day.


In terms of snacking I tend to stick to unsalted nuts (a small amount only as these can be fattening but great for getting your daily intake of healthy fats).

1 or 2 rice crackers or Ryvita with a small heaping of organic low fat peanut butter is also a great source of protein and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

I also have a lot of fruit throughout the day to keep my sugar levels up including grapes, raspberries, apples etc.

Low fat yoghurt or natural yoghurt is also great if you’re craving something sweet and dessert like. Add a teaspoon of honey to your natural yoghurt and some fruit to make a tasty and healthy dessert.

Boiled eggs are a great source of protein and also make a great snack too!

Hummus and carrots have to be one of my favourite snacks, nutritious and filling, just make sure you try and stick to the low calorie hummus as the full fat hummus contains a lot of oil. You can also swap the carrots to a different type of vegetable, peppers and cucumber also being a favourite of mine.


I drink plenty of water and when I say plenty, I mean plenty! I am constantly thirsty so this is the main reason why I love water so much, but it is also a great way to detox the body and keep your cravings under control.

Another favourite drink of mine is tea, usually green tea or if I fancy a real 'cuppa' I will use low fat milk. I don't take sugar in my tea either again cutting down the calories.

A small class of pure fruit juice from concentrate (cranberry or orange being my preferences), just try not to overdo it in terms of sugar intake. If you are feeling low on sugar this is probably due to boredom more than anything. Eat some fruit or put a smoothie together to recharge your energylevels.

Finally if you enjoy a small tipple like me at the weekend, try and stick to a small glass of wine or a vodka and diet coke/cranberry juice. Remember ladies alcohol is probably the worst when it comes down to hidden calories, so take note of this if you are trying to lose weight.

Shopping list

Lean red meat
Wholemeal bread
Whole-wheat pasta
Brown rice
Salad (lettuce, onion, tomato and peppers being my favourite)
Sweet potatoes
Skimmed milk
Wholegrain oats
Fruit (a selection of your choice)
Vegetables (a selection of your choice)
Natural yoghurt
Cottage cheese
Low fat dressing
Coconut oil
Protein shake (diet whey)
Dried fruit
Unsalted nuts or organic peanut butter
Rice crackers/rivita
Low fat hummus


Thank you for stopping by and leaving a little message! I really appreciate all your kind comments :)


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