Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shake It Up | The Truth Behind Protein Shakes

Now I know a lot of you young ladies out there may be shocked when you first set your eyes on this article (protein being the key word); I know I would have been up until about a year ago. However, protein, associated mainly with overly 'hench' males is becoming particularly popular with young ladies like myself who like to keep fit, but most importantly lift weights (yes ladies can lift weights too). I first started using protein shakes around a year ago due to my intense gym regime which took place three times a week during university. I often found myself getting very dizzy after this and becoming very lazy as a result. Once I sat down I felt like I was able to drift off! It got me thinking, this can’t be right, nobody should feel this exhausted after an hour’s workout. I wouldn't have minded if I was doing this every day but I wasn't. Therefore I did a bit of research as I often do and I have never looked back.

I knew protein generally was good for recovery purposes after a workout and prior to discovering protein shakes, I always always used to eat eggs after a workout. However eggs clearly weren’t enough, I needed that extra boost after a workout, so if I wanted to, I could go back and do it all over again the very next day. This is when I decided to put my money where my mouth was and invest in some good old protein shake (for women). Don’t get me wrong, I am no protein expert. I know my fair share on what nutrients are required to keep you fit and healthy but in terms of protein shakes, it was more of a trial and error.

The first protein shake I purchased was a PHD Diet Whey chocolate protein shake, especially designed for women. All I really knew was that it would help to repair my muscles after a workout and also to control my weight too. I think this is another thing that puts a lot of ladies off protein shakes, the extra calories. Yet let me assure you there aren’t as many calories as you think in one serving, especially if you are using water which I highly recommend (milk can give you stomach pains after a workout). In fact the overall ingredients in protein shakes aren't as scary as you may think. Along with protein designed to repair your muscles, there is green tea which helps to burn fat and heaps of vitamins and minerals to give you that extra boost. I must say I was pleasantly surprised after using this protein shake and I saw results instantly. Not only did I feel more energised, it complimented my meals very well and even acted as a little treat alongside my healthy eating regime (yes don’t let the taste put you off either).

Protein shakes come in many different flavours as well as forms. This time around I decided I would go for the same brand, PHD, but this time the strawberry flavour as I often get bored of eating/drinking the same thing week in week out. I haven’t tried it just yet but I will let you know how I get on when I do. I must also mention that this particular one is not diet protein shake; however it is said to be better than my previous one for maintaining your weight and toning. Again it is designed women and isn't packed full of calories even though it’s not diet protein. For me, I have learnt the importance of looking after your muscles when getting the very best out of your workout. 

So ladies, here’s to more protein shakes and many more workouts!



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