Monday, 20 January 2014

What To Wear To Work

You may like me often wonder what on earth to wear to work. You have just 30 minutes to leave the house and you still haven’t had breakfast or sorted out your notes from the night before. Sound familiar? Whether it's your first day at a new job or just another day at the office, choosing an outfit for work can sometimes prove to be more difficult than it seems. 

Do you often find yourself struggling with the idea of looking too corporate or too casual whilst choosing an outfit in the morning (or the night before if you’re really organised). Surely picking out an outfit shouldn't be that difficult? Yet, it often is if you are not provided with a uniform. Of course everyone has a works wardrobe so to speak, but this I find can often be quite dull and not flattering on the eye. Going to work doesn't mean you have to dress like you are going to meet the Queen ladies, you should be allowing your personality to shine through

Today it is more acceptable than ever to wear a pair of heels and possibly a figure hugging dress to the office, and why not, just like you males out there, we ladies have our own personal assets that we shouldn't be putting to waste. There is no harm in looking attractive (or even sexy) at work. You may turn a few heads if you stroll into the office with a face full of make-up and last nights clubbing wear on (don't do this), however wearing feminine attire isn't such a bad thing. So why not be a bit daring and put on that slightly shorter than the average skirt and show those at work, you really mean business. Below I have picked out some of my favourite work items at the moment all from high street chain, New Look.

New Look Blue Textured V Neck Dress- £19.99

New Look Tan Contrast Suedette Side Panel Tote Bag- £19.99
I believe what it truly comes down to is the company or organisation you work for. If like me you want to get into the fashion and beauty industry, allowing your clothes to reflect your personality is a big yes! However, if you're representing one of the world’s largest banks, I am not sure if a red polka dot dress and a pair of black 5 inch heels will exactly live up to the company’s policies. If you're not entirely sure with the company policies, I would double check with the manager so you know for certain you won't be breaking any rules. Today the high street is packed with great work attire as you can see from a few of the examples above. To finish, below I have listed some of my work wardrobe essentials. Obviously these are just a few ideas for you to play around with so again, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Wardrobe essentials: 
  • Peplum/pencil skirt (black preferably)
  • A pair of black high heels
  • Smart black trousers
  • Smart pair of black flat shoes 
  • Blazer- add a splash of colour if you're feeling brave
  • Black and white shirts- long or short sleeve
  • Barely black tights
  • Printed shirt (flowery or polka dot for example)
  • Tight smart dress
  • A smart watch
  • A smart bag 

New Look Black Zip Heel Court Shoes- £24.99

Brown Leather-Look Skinny Strap Watch- £9.99

Good luck!



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